December 21st 6:23pm

Ho Ho Ho? “Tough Love” Contestant Leilani Dowding Showcases Cakes In Santa Style ‘Kini

Y’all seemed to like this broad the last time we put her up, so we figured we’d why not show you some more?

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December 21st 6:15pm

Comeback Season Part 2: More New Music From Artists Whose Careers We Thought Were Over

When we made part one of this list, we had no idea that some of you would have your biggest R&B dream come true this week.

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December 21st 5:42pm

UPDATE: Floyd Mayweather Sentenced To 90 Days Jail Time For Catching Fade With His Baby Mama!!

Your house isn’t a boxing ring champ, gotta keep your hands to yourself.

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December 21st 5:39pm

Put On Blast: Mack Maine’s Baby Mama Says She’s Tired Of His Deadbeat Verbally Abusive No Child Support Paying Ways

SMH… It’s a damn shame how these rappers like to floss like they are super paid, good thing they have baby mamas to tell it like it really is, riiiiiight?

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December 21st 5:21pm

XXL Freshmen Candidates Speak On Their Nomination With Hip-Hop Wired

XXL Freshmen Candidates Speak OnTheir Nomination With Hip-Hop Wired.

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December 21st 4:50pm

A Man’s Perspective: Does Vanessa Bryant Deserve Half?

This guy thinks Vanesssa shouldn’t get half after 10 years and popping out two babies?

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December 21st 3:59pm

Some Afternoon Linkage

Elsewhere on the Web

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