July 18th 9:37am

Pigs!: Watch Fat Flat Foot Hit A Cuffed Suspect In His Mouth! [Video]

SHE was mad his overweight donuts eating self had to run.

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July 18th 9:17am

SMH: BDR Flunky Sues Diddy Over Shooting In The Parking Lot At Justin’s In Atlanta [Video]

People have got to stop letting those TV attorney’s convince them to file these ridiculous claims.

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July 18th 9:12am

A “Lil Positivity”: Bugsy Comes To The Aid Of Starving In Africa… And Chris Brown?

Looks like we are seeing a kinder and gentler Curtis Jackson these days… T

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July 18th 9:03am

Some Morning Swirl: You’ll Never Guess Who This Marine Rapper Asked To Go To The Military Ball With Him!

Guess after it worked on Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake, this guy thought he’d take a shot to land his favorite famous lady…

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July 18th 8:34am

ChitChatter: BeyBey Admits She Is A Snot Bubble Blowing, Sweaty Mess… Insecure About Her Ears, Feet And Legs

After seeing Alicia “Bad Knees” Keys get her cottage cheese blasted last week we can’t say we blame BeyBey for going to great lengths to hide her “Flaws And All”.

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July 18th 8:33am

In Newborns Who Are Richer Than You News: Ivanka Trump Gives Birth To A Baby Girl

Congratulations are in order for Ol’ Toupee Face Trump, who became a grandfather for the third time yesterday.

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July 18th 8:27am

Fellas Don’t Care What She Is Saying: Some Monday Morning Watermelon Woman Performance! [Video]

Does Watermelon Woman Look Like A Transvestite Or Is She A Brazilian Banger?

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July 18th 7:56am

True Or False: Is Usher Trying To Chop Down This Tall Glass Of Swirl?

Bad news for Grace Miguel… Rumor has it Usher has his eye on “Something New.”

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July 18th 7:53am

For The Ladies: Shawne Merriman And His Super Swole Body Spotted Splashing In The Ocean On South Beach

Here is Shawne “Super Swole” Merriman of the Buffalo Bills frolicking on the beaches of Miami.

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