December 28th 3:23pm

Some Afternoon Linkage

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December 28th 3:16pm

Get The Pre-Nup Ready! Michael Jordan Pops The Question To His Boo Thang

We wonder if people are going to have to wait in line to get to the wedding.

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December 28th 2:48pm

Watch This Old Fella Check Out Michelle Obama’s Booty: Secret Service Should Be Searching For This Guy! [Video]

Come on man… you can’t be gawking at the first lady’s cakes like that!!!

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December 28th 2:14pm

For Discussion: Should Bill Maher Be Punished For His Blasphemous And Profane Tim Tebow Tweet???

We knew Bill Maher was an atheist, but referencing Satan, Hitler, Jesus and Tim Tebow all at the same time is both begging for attention and some serious repercussions.

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December 28th 1:23pm

Welcome To Splitsville: The Biggest Celebrity Break-Ups Of 2011

2011 has been the year of the busted up romances. Let’s see whose loves fell apart over the last year.

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December 28th 1:13pm

Certified Links

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December 28th 1:05pm

Tweet Of The Day: BronBron’s Babies Have A Special Song To Cheer On Their… Mom!

We know what you’re thinking, right… Why mom instead of dad?

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December 28th 12:49pm

Is Hip-Hop’s Masculinity Being Challenged, By White Girls?

The New York Times published a piece on December 23 from cultural critic Touré which proposes Hip-Hop’s masculine core may be shifting by way of an influx of upstart female rappers.

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December 28th 12:39pm

Can You Guess Which Of These Former U.S. Presidents Allegedly Also Had A Boyfriend On The Side??

Well, you know the 60s and early 70s were all about that free love… Rumor has it, one of the distinguished gentlemen above didn’t limit that freedom to love to the ladies. Can you guess which one?

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