January 26th 12:54pm

Blast From The Past: Some More Embarrassing Throwback Photos Of Your Fav Celebs When They Were Young Jawns

We know how much you enjoyed the trip down memory lane with the classic shots

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January 26th 12:53pm

Certified Links

Wiggin’ Out: Lil Kim V.S. Nicki Minaj, Who Wore It Best? (GO) Snooki’s New Show — MAJOR Toilet Paper Crisis (GO) Shakira’s A$$ Performing of the Day (GO) The Twin Towers of Afrikan Knowledge: Dr. Clarke and Dr. Ben Unearthed Africa’s Truths (GO) Talib Kweli Talks Pepsi NFL Ad and Notion of “Selling Out” (GO)…

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January 26th 12:46pm

Did Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg Agree To Give Away His Fortune To Social Causes???

What in the hell would make the worlds youngest billionaire give up all that bread!?!?

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January 26th 12:31pm

Making It Rain On Them Hoes: will.i.am Lands New Gig As Creative Director Of Intel

The Black Eyed Peas may not be able to fill an arena anymore, but that doesn’t mean will.i.am isn’t getting his paper.

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January 26th 11:54am

Sizzling Chocolate Horoscopes

You know you need to see what the stars have lined up for you!

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January 26th 11:46am

Raggedy Red Headed Rih Rih Goes Platinum With ‘Loud’

Rih Rih’s making it rain on them hoes!

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January 26th 11:40am

Somebody Call 911, Baby Kidnapped At Gunpoint!

Arkansas police are hunting for Raymond Moore Sr, 28, who kidnapped his 8 month old child at gunpoint!

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January 26th 11:30am

To Rent or To Buy? Cities Where It’s Better To Own or Pay a Landlord

Should you buy or should you rent? It’s a question most people ask themselves at some point in their lives.  Although most people think renting is a waste of money, it really depends on which city you live in. The real estate site Trulia recently released a report on 50 major cities, assessing which ones…

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January 26th 11:18am

Jennifer Hudson: “I’m Not A Part Of That Devil-Worshiping Illuminati Crew…It Could Not Be More Untrue”

Hmmmmm…. Everyone from Jay-Z to Lady Gaga has been accused of being a member of the Illuminati secret society, thought to be some mysterious group of power players who pull strings to help launch careers.

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January 26th 10:46am

WTH: Where Is PETA?! Woman Burns ‘Devil Dog’ For Chewing On Bible!

Jesus take the wheel, Diamond the ‘Devil Dog’ is lynched and burned at the stake!

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January 26th 10:44am

Young Black USA Soccer Players “Agudelo & Bunbury” Save The Day… Then Bust Out The Dougie! [Video]

This kid Bunbury is no-joke and the new breed of soccer player in the U.S.A. Bunbury (20) and his boy Agudelo (18) saved the day for the U.S. Saturday:

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