June 30th 11:03am

Tupac Back: 2 New Unreleased Diss Records Surface From The Late,Great, Mr Shakur!

Even from beyond grave, Tupac’s scathing diss records still are the stuff of hip-hop legend.

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June 30th 11:01am

Bolitics: Crotchety Herman Cain Gets Frustrated Because He Couldn’t Answer Specific Questions

Herman Cain is running for president, right? Obviously, interviews are all a part of the process

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June 30th 11:00am

Crowdsourcing Craze: Black Artists & Businesses Getting Funded by Friends

They’re bypassing banks and relying on the buddy system.

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June 30th 10:53am

WTF??? Octomom Says She “Hates” Her Babies, Calls Older Children “Animals”, And Has Considered Suicide

This can’t be real…if so, Octomom is straight buggin with these comments:

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June 30th 10:39am

Escape From Reality: Are You Hooked On Trash TV?

It’s one thing to watch “Basketball Wives” or “Love and Hip-Hop” to get a little break from the doldrums of everyday life

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June 30th 10:28am

DAYUUUUUM!!! Is This What 37 Looks Like For Black Hollyweird???

Lark Voorhies was spotted at the a Hollyweird recently

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June 30th 10:22am

Galleries: Royce Reed Birthday Parties It Up With “Diamond Princess” Trina In Orlando

Royce Reed celebrated her birthday in Orlando recently with Trina

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June 30th 10:06am

Another Day, Another Deadbeat Dad Not Paying Child Support: Terrell Owens’ Baby Mama Wants To Be “Paid In Full”

SMH at T.O. just deciding that he will no longer “pay the full amount” of child support owed to his baby mama:

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June 30th 9:51am

Guess Which Tatted Up Hollyweird Sex Kitten This Precious Lil Babyface Became?

This adorable lil kiddo grew up to be a hot underwear model and big screen star. Can you guess who she is?

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June 30th 9:43am

Who Is Our Attention Whoring Athlete Daddy??

These two little ones call a world class athlete “Daddy”. Unfortunately, lately he’s made headlines for everything but what he does in his arena. Can you guess who he is?

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June 30th 9:39am

Jesus Take The Wheel: Mother Beats Her Baby To Death And Takes Corpse Shopping

Jesus take the wheel, step on the gas and drive this woman to the hotspot!

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June 30th 9:16am

Coupled Up: Kimora Turns The Camera On The Paps While Djimon Looks Like He’s Got Better Ish To Do

One of these people looks thrilled by the attention… the other not so much.

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