May 26th 6:01pm

N*E*R*D Makes It Rain: Pharrell, Chad And Shay Kick It Live In The A

BOSSIP was in the building for the amazing FREE N*E*R*D concert

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May 26th 5:52pm

Death to the Bathroom Mirror Shot: 7 Rules For Your Profile Picture

If we see one more Facebook friend request by some shirtless dude posing in a bathroom mirror holding a camera phone I think I will organize an etiquette posse.

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May 26th 5:12pm

Dressed To Impress: Hip-Hop’s Best Dressers (Who Is The Best?)

Even though the majority of rappers dress too hood to take home to mom, there are a few rappers out there who either have great taste or great stylists.

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May 26th 4:59pm

Who Looked More Bangin': Angela & Vanessa Cover Rolling Out

Here are Rev. Run’s daughters getting their cover girl on for the latest issue of Rolling Out Magazine.

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May 26th 4:37pm

Some Afternoon Linkage

Elsewhere On The Web

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May 26th 4:26pm

VIDEO: Birdman, Busta Rhymes, and Wahida Clark On Cash Money’s Venture Into Publishing

When it comes to books, Birdman says he’s into the “hood shit.” It’s no wonder then that he founded Cash Money Content to publish books that cater to Street Lit fans. We caught up with Baby, Busta Rhymes, and the Cash Money authors at a New York event.

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May 26th 3:59pm

Drama In LaLa Land: Lakers Hire New Coach And Say They Could Give A Sh*T What Kobe Has To Say About It

Even after getting swept, the Lakers are in the front page of the news again.

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May 26th 3:25pm

Breaking News: Bishop Long Strokey Poke Finally Agrees To Cut The Check, Reaches Settlement With Accusers

Bishop Eddie Long, his lawyers and his shady hair pieces have finally landed on the magic number to make ol’ Long Strokey Poke’s boy-seducing ways disappear.

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