September 2nd 8:19am

Basketball Wives L.A. Premiere: Norwood, Sister Tanya Young-Williams, And Their Mom… Snatch The Mic From Bossip And Break Out In Song! [Video]

At the L.A. Basketball Wives Premiere, we had the “pleasure” of running into Tanya Williams… Jason Williams’ wife, Norwood Young (her brother), and their mother.

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September 2nd 8:13am

Freakazoids: 25-Year-Old Woman Leaves Kids Home Alone So She Can Go Next Door And Have “Drug-Induced” Sex With 13-Year-Old Neighbor

If you thought those shady grown behind teachers screwing little 16-year-olds were bad….wait until you get a load of this trifling heffa right chere!!!

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September 2nd 7:58am

It’s In The Genes: Will Little Jayonce Be As Successful As These Musicians’ Children?

Bey and Jay are having a baby! And, supposedly this kid has the best musical genes of all time! But he/she won’t be the first kid with musical parents or relatives. Take a peek!

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September 1st 8:55pm

8 Big Cities Where Minorities Are The Majority

Well, it’s not surprising news that the white population in America is dwindling but the Tea Party, the KKK and other fear-promoting groups may just jump at the new demographic data recently released by the Brookings Institute.

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September 1st 6:32pm

In NBA Matrimony-dom News: Bobcats Forward Tyrus Thomas Makes Jaime Collins A “Real Actual” Basketball Wife

Welcome Jaime Collins — now Jaime Thomas into the real actual “Basketball Wives” Club.

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September 1st 5:28pm

Celebrity Cribs: Check Out How Director Michael Bay Is Living Off That Bad Boys/Transformers Money

Michael Bay, the man responsible for some of your favorite summer blockbusters, has directed 9 movies. Altogether, those nine movies including Bad Boys, the Transformers series, Armageddon, and Pearl Harbor, have grossed almost $2 Billion.

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