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As Seen On TV: 15 of the Most Outlandish Reality TV Stars


Where Have You Been? Tiffany “New York” Pollard Talks New Show, Pumpkin, And Her Love For Flav [Video]

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No Fertility Issues Here: 15 Celebrities With A Whole Lot Of Kids


These folks are fertile all right…just a little too fertile.

Pure Comedy!: Watch Faded Flavor Flav Mistake Miley Cyrus For Gwen Stefani! [Video]

Damn, Flavor Flav is still getting toasted… at the tender age of 50+!!

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Conservative Ann Coulter Calls Obama “Flavor Flav”

There’s no question that President Obama has been the most disrespected President in U.S. history and as he campaigns for re-election this year, more hatred will be coming on stronger than ever before. Continue »

Flavor Flav Declares: “My Daughter Didn’t Beat Me Up”

As previously reported, Flavor Flav’s daughter was arrested over the weekend for allegedly beating down Chuck D’s sidekick in his own Las Vegas home Continue »

Flavor Flav To Appear On Celebrity “Wife Swap”

Flav is about to invade your televsion sets again but this time on Celebrity Wife Swap. Continue »


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