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Celebrities attend VH1 Big In 2015 With Entertainment Weekly Awards at Pacific Design Center. Featuring: Yandy Smith Harris, Mendeecees Harris Where: Los Angeles, California, United States When: 15 Nov 2015 Credit: Brian To/

Celebrities attend VH1 Big In 2015 With Entertainment Weekly Awards at Pacific Design Center.
Featuring: Yandy Smith Harris, Mendeecees Harris

Yandy Said She’s Ready To Make An Honest Man Out Of Mendeecees

“Love & Hip Hop New York’s” Yandy Smith said she’s backtracking on her original decision to only spiritually marry her partner Mendeecees.

Yandy told BOSSIP she was now in the process of legally marrying her incarcerated husband because she felt that now was the right time. The couple had a televised wedding, but Yandy later revealed that she never went though with the legal part.

“We have definitely decided to go ahead and do the paperwork and all that stuff, not that I was so concerned or cared about that stuff, but it meant a lot to him,” Yandy told BOSSIP. “So it was only right.”

The reality star said the process of legally marrying Mendeecees – who is serving eight years for drug trafficking – is much more difficult because of his incarceration.

“With him being away, we have to re-register, get things notarized and all that stuff,” Yandy said, adding that they still wouldn’t get conjugal visits because he’s in federal prison.

Yandy also said she had no doubt that Mendeecees’ bid for a shorter sentence would be a success. Mendeecees recently asked the court to lower his prison sentence because he said the judge put him away under expired sentencing guidelines and would be a force for good on the streets by encouraging young people to stay out of the street life.

“You will absolutely see Mendeecees sooner than you think,” she said. “They put in a motion, so we’ll see what happens.”


She also addressed her beef with Mendeecees other baby mamas, Samantha and Erika. She said she’s sorry for trying to fight Samantha, but said she went into mama bear mode when the women went after her husband and kids.

“They went for my family,” Yandy explained. “I don’t play when it comes to my children. I don’t play when it comes to my man. I apologized and apologized for my behavior – but you don’t play with somebody’s family. You don’t play with somebody’s man….That’s when I saw red and I just went berserk. I’m not proud of how this season went, but it’s a lesson. Don’t mess with my family.

In the meantime, Yandy said she’s wrapping up a book with fellow reality star Kandi Burress, as well as her own line of children’s books and a skincare line while she waits for Mendeecees to come home.

“He plays a huge role in the lives of our children,” Yandy said. “He’s the dad that picks the kids up from school, he takes the kids to school in the morning. I get to sleep late with the baby…He’s super-duper involved. He’s also the dad when you come home, the dishes are done. He does his thing in the studio at night, so during the day, I come home, sometimes dinner is cooked, the dishes are washed. He’s that type of dad.”



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