Here's Why Uncle Snoop Is Getting Dragged Back To Jada's Red Table Timeout

Here’s Why Uncle Snoop Is Getting Dragged Back To Jada’s Red Table Timeout

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Look, everybody’s stressed during these uncertain times which may explain why Uncle Snoop randomly shaded our shea buttery boo thang Ari Lennox under a video of her struggling to secure a lacefront wig.

Why Snoop jumped out the window and told Ari (who has more REAL hair than most R&B singers combined) to “grow her own hair” (especially after she defended him during GayleGate), we don’t know (boredumb? Cabin fever? WEED?), but he sparked spicy Twitter chatter just months after apologizing on Jada’s Red Table talk for the same sort of shade.

UPDATE – Ari responded:

Peep the Twitter hysteria over Snoop shading Ari Lennox on the flip.

“Imagine going to bat for Snoop calling a woman out her name (because the woman asked a practical question) just for Snoop to turn around and call you a baldhead scalliwag because you put a wig on your head” – at this point, anything is possible (and by anything, we mean ANYTHING)

“Welcome back to the show, Snoop” – it’s only a matter of time

“Snoop at the red table talk when Jada scolds him again” – Snoop gave us a helluva performance the last time he was there

“Not only is he disrespecting her, he’s disrespecting my mom, my sisters, my aunts, and my cousins – I said “not Snoop” – oh yes, it’s definitely your Snoop being Snoop (AGAIN)

“This how you know Snoop don’t even KNOW who Ari Lennox is, cuz Ari has a WHOLE AFRO of natural hair. She’s prolly worn wigs 3x TOPS. Defending a man who wouldn’t even keep scrolling for you.” – that’s literally all he had to do. Scroll.

Ari *wears her long natural hair ALL THE TIME, but plays around with a wig on IG live out of boredom and to entertain her fans*


Not a soul:

Not even Dr Umar Johnson:

Snoop Dog: GROW YOUR OWN HAIR!!!!” – ya kinda hate to see it

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“Snoop telling Ari to “grow her own hair” meanwhile his wife and daughter..” – well yea, of course

“Ari Lennox supporting Snoop Dogg disrespecting Black women by dragging Black women, only for Snoop to drag her unprovoked is a proverb.

The Lion that fights it’s own Pride to protect Hyenas, will one day be their source of food.

Didn’t y’all learn anything from the Lion King?” – tell ’em sis

“snoop said ari lennox, shea butter baby queen, needs to grow her own hair. the same ari that wears and embraces her natural hair. the same ari who doesn’t wear makeup on live. the same ari that has more hair than him. ok.” – ….yea

“Ari Lennox got time for Snoop Dogg” – she (and the rest of us) have all the time in the world until July August September?



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