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"Tokyo Toni's Finding Love ASAP" - Zeus Network Los Angeles Premiere

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Tokyo Toni always has her foot in her mouth and has a lot of worthless things to say. She’s been adamantly hated for her bashing of her daughter Blac Chyna and Black women in general. However, her latest video takes the cake. In an unprompted video that we don’t know what motivated it, Tokyo had a LOT to say about Black women and her seemingly overwhelming Trump support.

Here’s what she had to say, SMH.

“I don’t wanna f*** with these h*** especially these Black b***** you out yo f***** mind. I need me some Latinos. My kind, my girls. I need my own kind from now on. I’m sorry, I’m not tryna be funny. I need Latinos. I don’t wanna deal with no more black b*****.

… Yall b**** are worthless as f*** in my opinion. Yeah you are b**** what do you do?… What is your purpose in life? What are you here breathing my f**** air for? Exactly… I don’t give a f*** b**** get away from me. Ugh, just disgust me. Black b****. Is annoying. Just so f**** annoying. Jus looking at you b****s is f**** annoying

Look atchu just sitting up there on welfare. Ya mother, ya grandmother, all you motherf****. Generational wealth of welfare. Ya f**** kids stupid don’t know a second language but you buy the top hair weave.

Cant no black b**** talk to me. So take your black power black panther a*** on. Go on and march on down the street and allat s***. Just get away from me. Bye b****. Cuz you b**** kill each other. Ugh terrible. Allat. terrible.”

As a result, Tokyo is getting dragged for being trash.

Hit the flip to see all the slander she’s deserved because she totally deserves it.

“Tokyo Toni said

A lot.

Some of us are so brain dead.

What the hell did they do to us?”

“Tokyo Toni said she doesn’t like black girls. How am I supposed to sleep at night.”

“As a Black women who has worked extremely hard to earn 2 degrees, fight adversity, overcame obstacles to get where I want to be, I’m appalled. At a time when we’re fighting for #BlackLives, we don’t need such ignorance”

“I didn’t know Tokyo Toni was a Trump supporter?!??!”

“Are y’all really all that surprised that Tokyo Toni (Black Chyna’s Mother) went on an Anti-Black rant when she was the same one that said Darkskin Girls have an extra layer of dirt on their faces. Obviously she’s suffering from Self-Hate, ignore Trolls like her.”

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“Everytime Tokyo Toni opens her mouth it’s something wild coming out 🤦🏽‍♀️ she needs SERIOUS help and fast”


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