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Elise Neal Talks Jada & Will Smith

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In recent weeks, August Alsina has made it publicly clear that he and Jada Pinkett Smith had a little “entanglement” even though she’s married to Will Smith. Jada would go on Red Table Talk and essentially confirm what he said was true and more importantly, insert ‘entanglement’ into everyone’s vocabulary.

Now, many people are going back and revisiting memories with all parties involved, trying to connect the dots and remember if there were any signs of marital issues or cheating when they were around the family. Elise Neal recently sat down for an interview with Viral Hip-Hop news and spoke on Jada and Will’s issues and how they impacted her personally on the set of All Of Us.

According to Elise, there was def tension between Will and Jada, the show’s creators, and their unhappiness spilled onset leading her to be “treated unfairly.” She left the show in 2005 before it was ultimately canceled in 2007.

“Now that’s rough for me. Everyone knows I was on the “All Of Us,” set, right? But here’s what I can say, feeling like something is going to pop me upside the head. If someone is unhappy, they spread that unhappiness to others. I wasn’t happy on that set because people treated me in a way that I could tell that they were unhappy.

The bottom line, they have decided what their marriage is going to be. They have decided that a long time ago. I’m not involved in their marriage. They know what’s going on. If they decide that they’re going to come together and that’s the type of marriage that they want and they’re okay with that, we are not able to judge that. What I am going to judge is if I come to work for people and they bring that unhappiness on others, like myself. I felt that and received that on that set.

And that’s sad to me. I am a very hardworking girl.”

She also added on a positive note that she “loves Will”…

And I know Will and I love Will. I love Will as an individual. I don’t know a lot about him personally. I just know I worked with him and I enjoyed working with him. So I was looking forward to having a very fun work experience. And I’m still sad that it was so not like that.

I’m talking about that individual set. I have a lot of fun on other sets, okay? I’ve had a lot of fun on a lot of jobs I’ve done. And a lot of people know that I exited that set early. I miss the money but I do not miss being unhappy. I was not happy because they were not happy.


and had this to say about the August Alsina “entanglement” drama and Will and Jada’s choices as husband and wife.

That’s their choice to do whatever the hell they want to do in that marriage. That’s not even for us to judge. But if you bring other entities in. If you have a young man in your relationship and now he’s not happy—or if you have other people that are in the relationship and then they’re happy and you come outside and try to do work and you’re working with other individuals and you’re not happy, I just need y’all to find that happy. Leave me alone. I don’t want you to bring that on me because it’s not my fault that you’re not happy”

As you can tell from the long quote, she didn’t hold back at all. That’s not all she focused on in her interview though, during the conversation, she also discussed Nick Cannon’s current controversy over his comments about the Jewish community, plus her other roles outside of All Of Us.

You can catch the entire interview below.



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