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2005 VH1 Hip Hop Honors - Gold Carpet

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Ray J is one of the most iconic, controversial and long-standing members of pop culture. He was trending on Wednesday night when the No Limit documentary  revealed that Snoop Dogg   spent time in jail with Ray J, reminding everyone that the singer has been in every pop culture moment imaginable. The streets need a book. Here’s what Snoop said:

Well, the soldiers done went on stage. Now, I’m back here talking to these Death Row [MUTED] by myself. We end up yapping and yapping, but they talking behind my ear, so I’m like, let me holler at you. So now they be like, you owe Suge apology. Yo, I’m like, [MUTED] Suge, [INAUDIBLE]. Like, what?

I get awizzay– no cuts, no scars, no hits, no nothing, but I run right into the law– weed in my pocket and everything ’cause I’m trying to save my life. They handcuffed me. They put me in back of the police car. Master P and them was going crazy.

What’s happening? What’s up? What? ‘Cause they just heard that the [MUTED] just jumped Snoop. They didn’t jump me. They didn’t get none. I’ve doing this [MUTED] for years, [MUTED].

They take me and my cousin Daz to jail. And when we get in there, Ray J’s in there. So we spent four hours in jail with Ray J. I ain’t making this [MUTED] up, man. I’m not making this [MUTED] up.

It’s yet another moment where Ray J popped up out of the blue in an iconic fashion. We have a few more you’d want to see. Hit the flip and see it all for yourselves.

He started the Kardashian empire. Never forget that it was the viral sex tape with Kim Kardashian that created the billion-dollar dynasty we see today. That’s all thanks to Ray J’s man meat.

One of the reasons VH1 is in its era of reality TV is because of the glory of a little hit show we like to call Love Of Ray J. It spawned memes and a generation of reality greatness.

Wednesday night Snoop revealed that he escaped from Death Row Records and ended up in jail with…Ray J. What?!

We all know that Ray J was in Moesha. But do we know that he was in Moesha as THREE different characters? What a random fact.

When he tried to destroy Fabolous with the greatest rant in radio history. This moment damn near invented The Breakfast Club and put the whole damn show on the map.

If you recall, the Fabolous thing started because Ray J was inexplicably singing songs in Floyd Mayweather’s living room during some sort of documentary.

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