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Justice Clarence Thomas News Conference At His Home

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The aftermath of the domestic terror attack on the United States Capitol is revealing more and more about the people who aided, abetted, and incited the largely white MAGA mob to storm the property.

One of the people who encouraged these clowns is the wife of Supreme Court Judge Clarence Thomas. Recently it has been reported by outlets like NewsOne that Ginni Thomas sent multiple Facebook messages in support of the MAGA event on the morning of the riots.

At this time, both of these posts are deleted from her page but it’s not clear whether or not she deleted the posts or if Facebook had them removed. Chances are that Facebook deleted them because Ginni’s past social media behavior proves what side of justice she’s on. She has previously lobbied the mayor of Clifton, Virginia to take down a Black Lives Matter sign that was hanging in the town:

“Would you please remove the BLM sign from Clifton? As leaders of this community, you should be smarter than promoting such a group as this, who uses race to foment chaos to destabilize the nation.”

Dusty heffa.

We shouldn’t expect anything less. According to Slate, Ginni is an avid Trump supporter who campaigned for him during his election.


By the looks of the photo, she seems to be perfectly aligned with those MAGA maniacs. In the past, she has spread some vicious conspiracy theories about Barack Obama and George Soros. Ginni has even made some xenophobic claims towards immigrants in America.


If any lawsuits or cases stemming from the Capitol riots end up in the Supreme Court, Clarence Thomas should have to recuse himself. There’s no way in hell that his wife feels like this so loudly and publicly and he isn’t in full agreeance.


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