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Cassie is happily pregnant with her second child—even if it happened sooner than expected.

As previously reported the singer, 34, and her husband Alex Fine, 27,  are currently expecting their second child together. The two announced their baby news just four days after their daughter Frankie Fine’s first birthday.

According to Cassie who’s 7-months pregnant and due in March, being quarantined with her husband and under L.A.’s strict stay-at-home orders caused her to conceive quickly because there was a lapse in her birth control.

“I had a four- or five-month window between the two pregnancies where I remember drinking wine and then back to being pregnant,” Cassie told Babe By Hatch. “Before COVID, I was casually talking to my doctor about birth control, but once the stay-at-home order went into effect, I was lax about going to the doctor because I didn’t want to go out of the house unless necessary. Of course, I had no idea how fertile you are after having a baby, so I delayed. And, here we are, seven months later!”

“It was totally unexpected, but we’re so excited! I love that Frankie’s going to have a sibling super close in age. Plus, we’re home so much now anyway, and my entire house is all ‘baby,’ so in that sense, the timing is ideal.”

“But after this,” she adds, “I need my body back for a minute before even considering another.”

Cassie who jokes that she’s been “pregnant for about four or five years” also told Babe By Hatch that if her pregnancy were a song it would “Body” by Megan Thee Stallion and she’s currently craving Cool Whip but often eats salad with “lots of protein.” She also shared that after regulating her thyroid and working out with her personal trainer husband, she dropped 70 pounds after the birth of their first child.

” I learned that things like tomatoes are not good for me and the small act of removing them from my diet made a huge impact; I immediately saw results. Between monitoring my bloodwork monthly and Alex’s custom prenatal workout (link below), everything worked in tandem, and the weight started coming off.


Now that I’m pregnant again, I maintain a healthy diet wherein I’m not restricting myself, but I still avoid certain food that cause inflammation. And, of course, the key to it all…everything in moderation.”



Congrats again to proud parents Cassie and Alex!



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