Falynn Guobadia Up And Adam Interview

Falynn Guobadia Denies Cheating, Says She Was Blindsided By Porsha & Simon’s Quickie Coupledom ‘I Did Not Know’

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No, Falynn did not cheat on Simon, according to the estranged wife herself.

Despite Simon’s claims that she cheated and is currently pregnant with another man’s child, Falynn told “UpAndAdam” that she’s never been unfaithful.


She gave an elusive answer however when asked if she believes Simon cheated on her.

“I’ll say this: Simon and I are not new to couple’s therapy. During one of our therapy sessions, I will never forget it – I’ve never forgotten it, actually – the therapist asked him, ‘Have you ever cheated on Falynn? Would you ever cheat on Falynn?’ ” she recalled, claiming, that Simon’s response was, “‘Simon doesn’t get caught unless Simon wants to get caught.’ “

Falynn also didn’t have an answer when asked if she thinks that Simon was having an affair with Porsha.

“I don’t know who I was married to,” she confessed. “I can’t answer that. I don’t know. It all just sucks. It hurts.”

Falynn might not have had a response to that question, but some people on social media are convinced that Porsha and Simon were secretly sleeping together behind Falynn’s back.



In the interview, Falynn also broke down that golf club clasping altercation she had with LaToya Ali who allegedly called her a “Ching Chong.” After she charged at LaToya, Falynn was told that producers were turned off and thought she “didn’t have the right look for the show.”

LaToya however is crying foul. “If lying to stay relevant was a person,” she commented in @ThePeachReportDaily’s comments.


She closed the interview noting that she’s preparing to drop her estranged husband’s last name and will go by her maiden name Falynn Pena.



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