Jordyn Woods And Karl Anthony Towns Open Up About Their Relationship On IG

‘1 Year Down, Many To Go!’ Jordyn Woods And Karl-Anthony Towns Discuss About How They Went From Friends To Booed Up

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Come on, Black Love!

Jordyn Woods and Karl-Anthony Townes are the cutest couple! They’ve only been official for a little over a year, but the baddie and the baller feel like their bond is built to last. Jordyn recently invited KAT to be a special guest on her Instagram show Regular-ish to discuss how their relationship got started and what keeps it going. Breathtaking baecations and Birkins are nice, but that’s not their secret.

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Jordyn was all smiles kicking off the conversation by singing “Close Friends” to set the mood with a little Lil Baby. Karl-Anthony agreed that friendship was the foundation long before they ever explored a romance.

“Me and Jordyn met years ago knowing common people and just became friends,” Towns said. “And ever since then, our relationship grew where we became more than friends. I’m not saying in that way, but just best friends. And then we started having a deeper relationship.”

They were so close that when dating rumors and speculation started, Jordyn shut it down by saying for years that KAT is like a brother to her. “That sounds disgusting now I know,” she said. All of that changed when COVID hit in 2020.

“It just so happened, the COVID came and kind of brought its challenges and it kind of forced us to either pick where our relationship was going to go as friends or something more. And we chose the latter,” he explained.

Jordyn proved herself to be ride-or-die as a girlfriend during an unbelievably difficult time. In 2020, Karl-Anthony lost his mother and six other family members in the pandemic. Jordyn was right by his side when Karl-Anthony fought his own battle against COVID in January of this year and was hospitalized by a drunk driver.

“I think it’s kind of cool dating your best friend,” the model said. “We know each other. We know each other’s hearts. We know each other on good days and bad days and we’ve been through a lot of bad days together.”

They reiterated that they still have ups and downs like any other couple, but the friendship foundation made all the difference.

“Because of our close friendship when we got those arguments, just like every other couple, where it looked like, ‘I don’t know if this is going to work out or not,’ it was our communication that got us out of there. It made us so much stronger and closer,” the NBA player said. “Because of the way we became a couple, we saved ourselves so much trouble and obviously detriments.”

Sounds like Jordyn and Karl-Anthony have a bright future together. He’s already hinted at marriage, so it’s just a matter of time before her ring finger is blinging. We truly love to see it!



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