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Porsha Williams and Dennis McKinley’s co-parenting relationship took another “Messy-co” hit on Sunday’s episode of “Porshas’ Family Matters.”

As previously reported the spinoff show follows former Real Housewife of Atlanta Porsha Williams as she blends her family with her new fiancé Simon Guobadia…

Porsha's Family Matters

Source: Marcus Ingram / Bravo

and her ex-fiancé/ daughter’s father, Dennis McKinley.

Porsha's Family Matters

Source: Marcus Ingram / Bravo

As previously reported Dennis was “bribed” with a Versace robe to attend a family retreat in Mexico. Porsha’s sister and Porshs’a cousin Londie promised to give Dennis the robe, which Porsha befuddlingly refused to give back, if he agreed to come on the trip centered around healing.

Instead of “healing” however, on Sunday’s episode Dennis was greeted with chaos. Porsha grew angry over the robe and likened it to Dennis “playing games” and later her cousin Storm who also has issues with Dennis jumped in.

Storm who previously worked for Dennis but was fired numerous times for insubordination got into a screaming match with him over “accountability.”

That led to Dennis storming off while telling her to “shut the f*** up.”

“I ain’t said nothing to you in three years because you fake too!” said Dennis while Porsha urged him not to address Storm directly.


Later, Dennis irritated Porsha again by bringing “some work” a.k.a. a date to Mexico. After telling the unidentified woman to “bring something sexy” to wear while on the trip, he was seen having a cordial breakfast and sharing the news with Simon Guoabadia.

The two men chatted about co-parenting Porsha and Dennis’ daughter PJ and Dennis asked Simon to let Porsha know that he was bringing a date.

“I don’t wanna sit around for four days twiddling my thumbs,” said Dennis.

Simon agreed to break the news to his wife-to-be and he also promised to get the businessman his robe if he ever “runs into it.”

Porsha's Family Matters

Source: Bravo / Porsha’s Family Matters

Instead of Simon however, Porsha’s sister Lauren actually gave her a heads up about Dennis flying out a boo.

Porsha called Dennis bringing a date on the vacation “weird” while by contrast, Dennis’ mom excitedly broke the news to the group and said that her son couldn’t make dinner because he was entertaining his female friend, Erica.

“It’s her birthday so he took her out,” said Mama Gina with a smile.

Porsha's Family Matters

Source: Bravo / Porsha’s Family Matters

All the while Mama Gina was gloating about her son, Porsha was seen looking uncomfortable while talking to her sis about the “toxic” mother and son duo.

“At this point, I’m dealing with the consequences of his toxic mother and now he’s toxic,” said Porsha. “She’s very toxic, she told me to my face that I cheated on Dennis and my mom told her and that’s a f****g lie.”

Now #PorshasFamilyMatters fans are once again wondering why Porsha cares about her ex’s love life.



That’s not all, however, outside of the Dennis date issue, there’s even more drama afoot between Porsha and Dennis.

Porsha's Family Spinoff

Source: Bravo / “Porsha’s Family Matters”

Hit the flip.

Porsha alleged Monday that Dennis made “disgusting”, “low life” accusations about her parenting skills while filming a recent scene for the show. She also shaded his mother in the process.

“Hey loves , now you all know by now I don’t address too much of what’s happening on the show because I rather you just enjoy what is meant for entertainment! But because of future low life accusations made by Dennis of me on the show, I want to make it known that yes my daughter is in Mexico with me as she is majority of the time when I travel as a single mom!” wrote Porsha.

“I’m a damn good mother and I always have my baby girl close no matter what,” she added. “She is my world and my purpose & for anyone to raise a question against that shame on you and whoever raised you. Ok i’m done goodnight. Please guys keep talking keep tweeting the show is doing well and i’m glad you all are entertained

She later added in the comments to a follower;

“It’s coming up, we just filmed it. Disgusting. Not even sure if they will air it’s was that trifling. I’m just making it clear don’t ever come for the primary parent.”

Porsha still hasn’t disclosed exactly what Dennis said, but her fiance Simon recently posted about the pitfalls of calling an “assertive” woman “controlling.”

Could that be one of the insults Dennis said to Porsha?

“I have two daughters, and a bonus daughter (Pilar), currently being raised and positioned to do great things in life,” wrote Simon. “We take their foundation very seriously. l am very proud of the way we are raising them to one day be strong black women and equip them with “f*** boy” radar, to detect and avoid. Let’s start discussing how do we support our little girls and grown women. We want to absolutely break the cycle of behavior that destroys their confidence level.”


What do YOU think about all this #PorshasFamilyMatters messiness?

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