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Porsha Williams is addressing that shocking moment when her fists flew during an altercation in Mexico.

As previously reported on Porsha’s Bravo spinoff show “Porsha’s Family Matters”, she and her ex-fiance/baby’s father Dennis McKinley had a big blowup that turned physical.

Porsha's Family Matters

Source: Marcus Ingram / Bravo

On Sunday, viewers saw the continuation of the fight that included Porsha telling Dennis’ mother Mama Gina “You heard what I said” before shoving ensued. Several parts of the fight were hard to see but Porsha exclaimed that Dennis was “touching her family” and the former RHOA star threw plates and tried to hit someone with a microphone.

Porsha’s fiance Simon was also seen holding her back while she screamed and cried in frustration and Dennis McKinley was seen being held back while saying, “They went after my mother, yo!”


On the show, producers also noted that Porsha told her family members via text not to speak on the altercation. And while the family kept quiet, social media users had QUITE a bit to say.



Now, Porsha’s speaking out for herself.

Porsha's Family Spinoff

Source: Bravo / “Porsha’s Family Matters”

On social media, Porsha released a lengthy statement saying that she’s “learned that physical violence is never okay” but added in an interesting note about a “man causing physical harm to women.”

“That is something we are too desensitized to as a society,” said Porsha about a man assaulting women. Shen then went on to call out Dennis directly and said that she didn’t address what he allegedly did during the fight to “protect” him, their daughter, and Dennis’ multiple businesses.

“I spoke to some of my family members that were present and decided at the time it was best not to talk about what cameras didn’t get to capture because I was trying to protect Dennis, his business, and therefore our own daughter,” wrote Porsha. “Looking back, that was not the right idea.”

Porsha then went on to “take accountability” for her role in the fight and added that while she didn’t assault Dennis’ mother, she regrets “arguing with an elder.”

“I take accountability for reacting strongly to what I was seeing and hearing,” wrote Porsha. “While I was not physical with Ms. Gina, I regret to arguing with an elder. We’re six months removed from this incident and I’m looking forward, not backwards.”

Speaking of moving on, Porsha shared on Sunday that her new fiancé Simon has tattooed her name on his back.

“Awe I’m so excited your very first tattoo is my name,” Porsha captioned a post showcasing her hand and massive engagement ring underneath the rock. “My ride or die through thick or thin, this love will stand strong until the end.


Simon’s tattoo comes after Porsha tatted the businessman’s middle name on her neck. 




As for Dennis, he’s sending out a reminder to “honor thy mothers” and noting that the Bible verse is in reference to other people’s matriarchs as well.


Mama Gina has yet to speak out on what went down and Porsha’s statement is no longer present on her social media pages.



What IS present, however, is a statement from Simon Guobadia about the “cycle of abuse.”  In an Instagram post, Porsha’s hubby-to-be is clearly siding with her and urging Black men not to disrespect their children’s mothers in public.”


“No man or woman should promote the narrative that abuse is EVER okay,” wrote Simon. “For those who are unfamiliar with what “abuse” means, abuse is when someone causes us harm or distress. It can take many forms, ranging from “disrespect” to causing someone “physical” or “mental pain”. When we excuse this behavior, It is the equivalent of putting a lipstick on a dog. Let’s elevate the conversation in our community.🙏🏾”


What do YOU think about Porsha and Simon’s statements about the fight on “Porsha’s Family Matters”???

At least ONE of her family members is weighing in—and it ain’t PRETTY.

Hit the flip.

Porsha’s cousin who is not on “Porsha’s Family Matters” but says she was offered a position on the show, is siding with Dennis McKinley.


@LadyTFord, who also styled Dennis’ mother Mama Gina for her “Porsha’s Family Matters” greenscreen, is calling out her famed cousin for her behavior. According to the stylist, she’s appalled by Porsha.

“One thing I don’t stand for is disrespect. I don’t care who you are…you don’t disrespect anyone’s mother, you don’t call someone’s mother out their name and you definitely don’t try to put your hands on anyone’s mother,” wrote @LadyTFord on her InstaStory.

She also added that she declined to film on the show that creates a “fake narrative” that Porsha has a village behind her because she’s “no one’s a** kisser, seat filler, flunky or groupie.”


According to T Ford, she and Porsha had a falling out after she didn’t send her condolences over her mother’s passing but still reached out to her about filming the Bravo show. She also said she expressed to Porsha that she didn’t approve of her “messing with” and “getting engaged to” a married man [Simon Guoabdia] and she was shunned by Porsha for telling her so.

“Her response [amongst a few others] “be blessed} and oh have the Lord been blessing me,” wrote T Ford.

She ended the rant by issuing an apology to Dennis McKinley and his mother “on behalf of the family.”

“If no one publicly has apologized to you, I will apologize on behalf of our family. You didn’t deserve that Mama Gina.”

M E S S Y!

What do YOU think about this “Porsha’s Family Matters” family drama???

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