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A Married At First Sight bride is surprisingly but nicely, coming to the defense of another bride who got berated by her chauvinistic husband.

On Wednesday’s episode of #MAFS, viewers were shocked to see Olajuwon question Katina’s womanhood during a conversation about his expectations for a wife.

After a cooking class put together by the husband who expects “hot meals every night”, Olajuwon told Katina who admittedly isn’t much of a cook, that he’s questioning if she’s “enough woman” for him.

“You’re still learning,” said Olajuwon, who we recently found out has never dated a Black woman, to Katina. “And there’s nothing wrong with that because there’s things in other fields I’m still learning. But when it comes to marriage, those are some of these things that are things that I expect to be already there. I’m trying to figure out if you have that base,” he added.

Married At First Sight After Party

Source: Married At First Sight After Party / Kinetic Content

He then riddled off his accomplishments as though Katina had none of her own…

“I have achieved big things—I bought a home on my own,” said Olajuwon. “I paid off my student loans. I don’t have these problems anymore and you’re still working on those things. And there’s nothing wrong [with that] you’re bettering yourself. But I’m trying to figure out, what can my wife do independently so that I can say, on a wife level, I’m satisfied?”

and then brought up Katina putting in a “lack of effort” into their house warming party before ending with this boorish BS.

“I need to see where you are as a woman,” said Olajuwon. “If you don’t want to cook, what are you going to do? Are you going to clean? I can’t settle with somebody if I think they don’t have a base of being an adult because they don’t have enough life experience, and that’s the disconnection that I’m having with you. That’s how I truly feel inside with me.”

G R O S S.

Olajuwon’s words made Katina burst into tears and say that she needs a “break.”


The shocking moment pissed off viewers who wondered why Olajuwon had the gall to say such things to Katina.


Katina’s Fellow Married At First Sight Brides Weigh In

Later, during the Married At First Sight After Party, fellow bride Lindsey wondered the same thing.

“I’m really proud of Katina for saying I need a break because she did not deserve the way that he was speaking to her. Speaking to any woman especially your wife like that, that don’t f****g fly,” said Lindsey to host Keshia Knight-Pulliam. 

Lindsey’s words are especially interesting considering the ongoing tension between her and Katina who she previously clashed with. In spite of that, Lindsey showed kindness to Katina.

Married At First Sight After Party

Source: Married At First Sight After Party / Kinetic Content

Good for you, Lindsey!

Fellow #MAFS brides Jasmina and Noi also weighed in as well and agreed that Olajuwon was out of line.

“The other issue with this is that he’s trying to make her feel like she needs to validate her worth to him,” said Noi.

“I know sometimes in those scenes Katina’s not expressive and she doesn’t speak that much and it might come off as Katina being weak but she’s really not,” said Jasmina. “I have had conversations with her where I know everything she has been through and she’s been through worse than that.”

“I agree with you Katina is not a weak woman but just because she’s been treated worse does not mean she does not deserve to be treated like that,” added Lindsey. “I think Katina is a beautiful woman who is worth anything her heart desires.”

Married At First Sight After Party

Source: Married At First Sight After Party / Kinetic Content


Elsewhere in the “After Party Lindsey (once again) threw some shade her husband Mark “The Shark”s way. Apparently, he lied about being fluent in Italian?


Oh, Lindsey.



What do YOU think about Olajuwon questioning Katina’s womanhood? This man needs a reality check, STAT…



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