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Social media is STEAMING mad after seeing a Married At First Sight husband go nuclear over a dating app he found on his wife’s phone.

As previously reported domestic duties obsessed Olajuwon, 29, has been ruffling feathers with his actions toward his wife Katina, 30. The municipal wastewater operator has questioned if his wife is “enough woman” for him because she doesn’t cook hot meals “every night” nor clean to his liking.

Olajuwon And Katina: Married At First Sight

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Last week, the husband who has never dated a Black woman, also flat out called Katina “lazy” and said that he gets frustrated when he comes home from work to a dirty house.

“What you don’t see on camera is that I work at night,” said Olajuwon. “So when I come home during the morning and the house is messed up as it was, it’s frustrating.”

“You work at home but I don’t see no work being done,” he added. ‘You say things and I don’t see it being done. I question is this even real.”


The. GALL.


#MAFS Star Olajuwon Slams Katina For Having A Dating App On Her Phone

On Wednesday’s episode, Olajuwon once again sent fans into a frenzy by berating his wife. During a group dinner with the other #MAFS couples, Olajuwon broke the news that he had an issue with Katina despite him holding hands with her just moments before.


Source: Married At First Sight / Kinetic Content

“I go off by what I see. If we’re going to be honest, there was something that I noticed on the way here that bothers me,” he said while noting that he’s worried that he and Katina might only have friendship chemistry. “It makes me question, is this marriage somewhat real? If you want me to bring it up, I’ll bring it up right to this table now. Do you want me to say it?” he asked his wife.

A pissed-off Katina vehemently told him not to bring it up in front of mixed company and Olajuwon agreed to save it for later.

“If I address it right here on camera, it could get ugly and make her look bad so I’m not going to do that,” said a straight-faced Olajuwon. “I’m going to talk to you one on one,” he added to Katina.


Source: Married At First Sight / Kinetic Content

Several of the fellow #MAFS participants sided with Katina and wondered why O would make things awkward.

“I think it’s a private conversation,” said Noi. “I feel like it was kind of an ufair situation to put her in the hot seat.”

What the hell?!

After leaving the dinner, O ordered Katina to unlock her cell phone and pointed out that he saw a dating app on it. Katina told her husband that the app was old and she “didn’t even have a profile” on it, but Olajuwon didn’t buy it.


Source: Married At First Sight / Kinetic Content

“Why do you have that?” asked Olajuwon. “If I had that how would you feel? The fact that it’s still there on your phone, it’s a spit in my face,” he added. “All I hear is excuses. If it’s on your phone, it’s an excuse. You are MARRIED!”


Source: Married At First Sight / Kinetic Content

He then rambled on and on about how the tables would turn if he had the app on his phone.

“I’m putting my heart into this woman, I deleted every f**** single thing makes me question who I am as a person,” he said noting that he’s questioning Katina’s character and thinking about a possible divorce while Katina demanded that the #MAFS cameras be cut.



If you’re curious about what happened after Olajuwon and Katina were alone, the bride explained it on the #MAFS: After Party.

On the Married At First: After Party Katina told host Keshia Knight Pulliam that she thought her husband was upset by her drinking—not by the old dating app.


Source: Married At First Sight / Kinetic Content

The “one drink kind of guy”, as said by #MAFS bride Jasmina, apparently encourages the other participants to slow down when the drinks start flowing.

“Before we were on the bus they [production] were trying to give us non-alcoholic drinks,” said Katina. “We assumed that he was upset that he went and got the bottle [of Tito’s vodka],”added Jasmina.

Katina echoed that statement and agreed with Keshia that O can be “overprotective.”

She also explained what it was like watching the dating app debacle.

“It’s hard to watch,” admitted Katina. “I feel like it was such a small thing. All this didn’t even need to happen but it got bigger because of the way it was approached to me.”

She also shared what happened after the #MAFS cameras were off. Apparently, she tried to apologize to her husband but he wouldn’t accept it.

“We definitely weren’t in a good place,” said Katina. I tried to extend the apology immediately after,” she added noting that Olajuwon wasn’t “ready to receive it.” “Yeah, that’s all I could really do.”


SIIIIIGH. Poor Katina.

What do YOU think about Olajuwon’s dating app comments on Married At First Sight? If your partner has an INACTIVE dating profile is it a big deal?

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