Weekly Horoscopes For Week Of April 24

BOSSIP Weekly Horoscopes: Week Of April 24

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Virgo now is the time to start tapping into your spiritual gifts. If this fills you with dread. Good. If it fills you with joy. Good. Either reaction is fine, the point is to follow the emotion and figure out why you’re having that gut reaction. For many of you control is important, but the world of mysticism is not about control its about moving with ease and the least resistance which means you will need to rely on your divinine feminine/emotional intelligence. You will not have all the answers at this time no matter how many lists you create or how much you overthink. You must get used to following your intuition and sitting in your feelings/heart-space instead of your head.
RED FLAGS: Procrastination in your spiritual development will only have you mentally kicking yourself later on. Get started today. Find a teacher, book or classes and lean in. The power is already within you.
SWEET SPOT: Past life connections will be guided to you via this Black Moon. Enjoy them and tidy up any lessons that you both move on swiftly and ideally sweetly.

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