Weekly Horoscopes For Week Of April 24

BOSSIP Weekly Horoscopes: Week Of April 24

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Source: iOne Digital / Tommy de Yampert


Ya’ll betta get ready! This Black Moon is going to shake up just about every area of your life and it will all be to your benefit. You’re being quickly ushered into learning how to harness your inner magic! Many of you have secretly been yearning for a new life— literally. But you’ve been dealing with an emotional storm of not having any direction. If this is hitting home for you then consider getting a psychic reading or a life coach. Know that even when the events are “bad” they are for your highest good and your only job is to consistently ask yourself: “what is the lesson here? What have I learned about my shadows/weaknesses? Where do I need healing?” And that is it. Prepare for your emotional makeup and possibly your physical reality to be very different by the end of 2022.
RED FLAGS: Give yourself time to ride through any storms. There is no rush, only delicate, ego wounding but soul raising lessons to be learned.
SWEET SPOT: Starting a metaphysical practice and study would be great under this Black Moon. Your magic is calling to you.

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