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Following a perilously petty #MAFS divorce announcement this week fans of the series might be feeling saddened by the news, but luckily we’re here to lift your spirits.

As previously reported “Married At First Sight” season 14’s Noi Phommasak made headlines when she announced her split from Steve Moy via an Instagram post captioned “Divorce feels good.” The news sent shock waves amongst #MAFS fans who thought the Boston pairing would remain on the list of happily married couples matched by the experts.

MAFS: Noi And Steve

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While the Moys’ breakup was public and messy, there are STILL pairings who wed as strangers on “Married At First Sight” that are still going strong.

Ashley and Anthony

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These drama-free duos should serve as a reminder that sometimes love really does win, even if you marry a complete stranger on national TV.


Woody & Amani

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Here are some of our favorite remaining “Married At First Sight” couples.

Katina & Olajuwon

Can you believe that these two made it?!

Season 14 viewers were surprised to see Olajuwon act with such maturity and respect for his wife in the special reunion episode after a rocky season. Throughout the season, the couple remained committed to their relationship despite O continuously berating Katina over domestic duties.

Viewers thought things would end for them on Decision Day but the two persevered as not only a couple but as “best friends.”

During the reunion, Olajuwon spoke about his behavior and attributed the new outlook to self-reflection. He then dropped to his knee and presented Katina with a shiny new ring, proposing to her on national television once more.

“I need to look you in the face while I tell you this,” started Olajuwon. “I live by one thing; work hard today, focus on tomorrow and the rest is history. You embody that,” he continued. “You taught me patience and effort is the key to a happy life and a happy marriage. Katina, I couldn’t be any happier to call you my wife, and I mean that.”

Ashley & Anthony

This memorable Chicago couple is still going strong after tying the knot in 2017.

Anthony D’Amico and Ashley Petta met on season 5 of #MAFS and their chemistry was instantly undeniable.


Although Anthony was at first apprehensive about Ashley’s immediate want to expand their family, they made it through the experiment and now have TWO children, Mila Rose, and their second baby girl, Vaeda.

“We are just a normal married couple and this crazy pandemic has significantly affected us just like everyone else,” the couple previously told BOSSIP ahead of appearing on #MAFS Couples Cam.

Vincent & Briana

[Champagne] Vinny and Bri’s love story blossomed in front of our eyes, leaving them the lone couple remaining together from season 12 in Atlanta. In an interview with E! News the couple shared their thoughts on the MAFS experience and gave insight into their strong coupledom.

“When I first saw him, I thought his smile is gorgeous and then from there, we both had a good vibe,” Briana recalled in an exclusive interview with E! News. “His family was great and I think if someone’s family is great, it makes him even more attractive…There was attraction at first sight, not just physical.”

Vincent added, “Right after we met, I realized why we were matching. Everything was flowing. Everything seemed natural. Nothing was being pushed. We had an amazing time and we were having fun…It took off from there.”

Briana recently took to Instagram to share “texts from hubby” which were absolutely heart-melting and the two continue to be couples’ goals.

Karen & Miles

Karen Landry and Miles Will said “yes” to each other on season 11’s Decision Day, and have been going strong since. Despite detractors, the two have remained married since 2020 and appeared on Couples Cam where they shared sweet self-captured footage of their matrimony-dom.

The couple also created a joint YouTube channel titled “Miles And Karen” where fans can keep up with their ongoing sweet Black love story.

In a special Q & A episode, Miles and Karen opened up about married life and the difficulties caused by the backlash Karen was receiving from friends and family who felt Miles was being mistreated.

Miles: “I felt like I constantly had to justify my decision to stay with you based on the backlash that people were sharing. They’re like they’re constantly saying like, ‘You deserve better than how Karen’s treating you”

Karen: “Meanwhile, whole time; SPOILED.”

Miles: “I was sitting at the crib eating lobster!”

Karen: “Getting backrubs…”

Miles: “Beard scrubs and s*** !”

Karen: “Massages, gift for no reason…”

Miles: “And here go Twitter; “Karen ain’t s***, Cancel Karen!’ That was hard because I wanted my people closest to me to know that I’m good, I’m fine, I’m taken care of, I’m supported, I’m appreciated. People are very practice of me, even strangers, you’re very protective of me but for strangers to be protective of me and not protective of you bothered me.”

Karen: “That’s why I felt let down and disappointed in general because man, we as women know how hard it is on a daily basis being a woman, dating trying to be in relationships. So to see so many women so easily gang up on me and throw me under the bus. I was like ‘Dang, these people don’t know, they don’t know what I’ve gon through.” And we’re just gonna gang up and throw somebody away like that when there’s clearly a reason why you [Miles] liked me.”

The couple is living happily together in New Orleans and recently appeared at ESSENCE Fest together.

These two are too cute!

Amani & Woody

Would there be a “Married At First Sight” fan favorites list without Amani and Woody? Of course not.

Woody and Amani Randall warmed the hearts of viewers of #MAFS season 11. The well-matched pair is the picture of love and after celebrating their 2-year anniversary they expanded their family by welcoming their first child in June.

When speaking with E! News, Amani confirmed the birth of their son, Reign Randall, and expressed her excitement about parenthood.

“It’s still pretty early but we think he may look more like Woody, and he may have Woody’s eyes,” said Amani in a statement about baby Reign who was born on June 3, 2022. I think he has my nose.”

“So far, his temperament is pretty relaxed,” Amani added exclusively E! News about her firstborn who weighed in at 6 lbs., 8 oz., and measured 20.5 inches long. “He’s not really fussy. Reign loves to cuddle and is super sweet. He smiles when he’s sleeping and does a little grin.”

Amani and Woody are one of two couples from #MAFS season 11 in New Orleans who remain together, alongside their costars/friends Karen and Miles.



Congrats to all of the happy couples! “Married at First Sight” (produced by Kinetic Content) airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET on Lifetime.



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