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dvsn just released their Jay-Z sampled track “If I Get Caught,” going on to have an “open monogamy” chat with none other than Nick Cannon. Who better than the fertile turbanator to touch on that topic?

R&B duo dvsn has returned with their latest single that’s got the internet buzzing both in praise and in slander. Earlier in the week, it was hinted new music was coming and surprisingly would sample Jay-Z’s “Song Cry.”

A screenshot from Jermaine Dupri revealed Jay cleared the song and liked it but jokingly did not condone its contents. Jay even claimed the song was “wrong.”


dvsn Releases New Toxic Cheaters Anthem “If I Get Caught,” Talks ‘Open Monogamy’ With Nick Cannon In Open Discussion

Along with releasing the new single “If I Get Caught,” dvsn also hosted a talk with Nick Cannon and Ashley Madison’s resident sex therapist, Dr. Tammy Nelson. The subject of the chat was “open monogamy,” a topic Dr. Nelson wrote a best-selling book about. In the chat, Nick Cannon is asked if he’d be ok dating someone with the same amount of kids or baby fathers that he has and Nick had a great response.

“My lifestyle only merits me to respect someone … I would just be a hypocrite to the whole thing. Now, am I going to I say I like it? Would I choose that? We also don’t really choose who we love or where our emotions take us,” he said, adding that he has been involved with “women who have 4, 5, 6 children in a household at the same time.”

Continued Cannon: “And it’s been some of the most lucrative and strong friendships and passionate relationships that I’ve ever had, because … I would never judge someone based off of the amount of children they had. Especially when they’re a great parent.”

You can watch the full conversation below.



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