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In the words of Whitney Houston, “I wanna see the receipts!”

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For people who all claim to be victims of the fallout, everyone involved sure has a lot to say about Ray J and Kim Kardashian’s infamous sex tape. After over a decade, the singer says he still has more to get off his chest. That includes alleged proof of his claims that Kris Jenner is the “mastermind” behind it all. Over the weekend, Ray pulled out DMs, an overhead projector, and contracts to accuse Kris of forcing him and her daughter Kim to shoot multiple sex tapes to give Kim “a better look.”

“I don’t know what the f**k you think this is, but you have f**ked with the wrong person! Period!” Ray said, announcing plans to expose his ex and her mother.

“I was just going to handle this s**t legally, right. Just hit you in court and get what I deserve from all of y’all being foul trying to defame me and make me look bad… when you know what’s up!” he yelled on Instagram live.

“We going through receipts tonight, Kris! We going through reciepts tonight, Kim! Everything I got, I’m gonna let ’em see it,” the singer threatened.

Unlike Ray’s hilarious Verzuz vocals, this time he did not disappoint. The seasoned showman had more than years’ worth of texts and DMs. He also revealed the alleged contract he signed with Kim and Kris to distribute the sex tape. Instead of taking the gloves off, Ray physically put a pair on to preserve her “fingerprints all over” the contract.

“Kim Kardashian got her handwriting and fingerprints all over my contract. When you look at my signature and her signature on my deliverables, that s**t say ‘Sex Tape #1,’ ‘Sex Tape #2,’ and guess what? The third sex tape they’ve been trying to play me on is called ‘Santa Barbara sex,’ the 41-year-old said.

“Her mama made us go shoot it for safety! She watched the motherf**ker and said, ‘Hey, we’re going to go with the first one because the first one is better. It gives my daughter a better look than the second one I made y’all go do.'” he disclosed about Kris allegedly pulling strings behind the scenes.

Kris has repeatedly denied prior knowledge or involvement with the release of the sex tape. Since Ray J first raised the accusations about Kris having a contract with the couple and Vivid Entertainment founder Steve Hirsch, Kris maintained the same story.

Last week, Kris passed a lie detector test about the sex tape on “The Late Late Show with James Corden.” However, Ray contends that the stunt was just the latest in a long series of lies.

“You watched it and made a decision. Then you get on whatever show you was on and take a lie detector test with a fraud, he continued.

Ray went on to call out the criticism he gets for exposing Kim while Kanye, whose messages also appeared on the IG live, receives support. However, the public response is reveling in the mess or a chorus of “told ya so” about exposing the clout-chasing only when it’s convenient years later.

Kim seemed to shut down the DM dive by blocking Ray J on IG mid-rant. Ray exposed everyone Saturday night, including himself. During the chaotic confessions, he accidentally shared his phone number and recent attempts to spin the block with Kim.

Kanye and Ray J clearly have a lot in common. In addition to having the same ex and same complaints about her family, they both throw the same conveniently-timed tantrums after Kim rejects them. If Kris is somehow the puppetmaster behind new drama over an old sex tape, this would be her best storyline yet.

Do you believe Ray’s receipts or think he’s clout-chasing just like the Kardashian klan?


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