Horoscopes For The Week Of September 11, 2022

BOSSIP Weekly Horoscopes: Week Of September 11

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Bossip Horoscopes Source: iOne Digital / Tommy de Yampert


Spirit wants you to ask yourself -where in your life have you been giving away your power? At home with your partner and children? At work with higher-ups or direct colleagues? With your parents or in-laws? With your physical and financial goals? Expect some rude awakenings to come down the pipeline this week -in order to snap you into action and better reality.
RED FLAG: If the above message sends you quivering because it hits close to home, know that now is the time to do some Shadow Work – start with getting a shadow-aspect-focused astrology reading and go from there.
SWEET SPOT: A situation from a Past Life will appear this week – this is because you still have lessons to execute during this time. Face it fearlessly and embrace the much-needed shake-up.

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