Horoscopes For The Week Of November 20

BOSSIP Weekly Horoscopes: Week Of November 20

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Bossip Horoscopes Source: iOne Digital / Tommy de Yampert


:As you’ve learned to harness your watery intuition – amazing doors are swinging open for you. Unfortunately this is causing a few folks around you to secretly harbor resentment and jealousy. Just watch the small and big things they do, take notes and release them over time. If you find that it’s hard to release the quiet haters from your life- ask yourself why?

RED FLAG: Take note that some of the haters in your life could even be your own parents and/or spouse. Yikes! If this resonates prepare to have a deep discussion and find out what the root cause of this is. Psychically it points to the fact that often as one person evolves the other thinks that they will no longer remain relevant in the person’s world.

SWEET SPOT: Protect yourself enegertically/ spiritually by wearing a Hand of Fatima pendant around your throat, wrists or fingers.

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