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After the Queens of R&B finale, Andy Cohen made sure LaTocha Scott “couldn’t Xscape the truth” about accusations of stolen checks, robbed record deals, and kickbacks.

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After the shocking conclusion of Queens of R&B, Cohen sat down Sunday with Xscape’s LaTocha and SWV’s Coko on Watch What Happens Live.


Andy didn’t waste a minute getting to all the controversial questions we want to know. LaTocha addressed every scandal this season, from the alleged $30,000 theft and “Just Kickin’ It” kickbacks to her “open marriage” with Rocky and where she stands with her sister, Tamika.

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Andy’s signature style of rapid-fire questions started with the most unexpected revelation of all about LaTocha and Rocky’s open marriage. Despite her seemingly spilling that tea on Instagram Live, LaTocha said it was all a mis-“Understanding” because she was “emotional.”

“We communicate. We have open communication, but we keep things private,” LaTocha said, clarifying what she really meant about her marriage. “He doesn’t have it that good, no,” she added.

Whew, that was a close one, Saints!

Check out LaTocha addressing the scandals and allegations against her and Rocky after the flip!

LaTocha Scott “Can’t Xscape The Truth” About Sister Tamika Scott On Watch What Happens Live

Andy kept juicy the questions coming in a segment called “Can’t Xscape The Truth” and asked for an alternative explanation if LaTocha and Rocky really didn’t take her sister’s $30,000 royalty checks.

“I don’t know. You know, I saw this at the same time you guys did,” she claimed. “I want to find resolve. That’s my sister at the end of the day and I don’t want to move forward if we can’t find that.”

When asked about Tamika running the royalties receipts, LaTocha stuck to her new catchphrase that she “learned out about it at the same time” as everyone else. “I didn’t know anything about it,” said the singer.

LaTocha also “didn’t know anything about” any texts between Rocky and the promoter who accused him of collecting kickbacks. Andy seemed to catch them in a lie considering that Rocky said he has his own texts to disprove the receipts—but then denied doing deals for Xscape. How convenient!

“Why don’t you have Rocky come up here and answer some of these questions? I don’t know anything about that. I’m a singer. I do that business. He does the other business,” LaTocha diplomatically answered.

Andy continued down the list of things LaTocha allegedly snatched from her sister and inquired about claims that she stole her gospel record deal from Tamika.

“Well, what’s for you is for you,” said LaTocha. “I can’t take anything from you. At the end of the day when we were talking about doing music, everything went downhill. When you’re talking about inspiring people, you don’t want to be fighting in the studio,” she said, still not explaining the solo switch-up.

The elder Scott sister also denied cutting off contact with Tamika and denied being their mother’s favorite daughter. LaTocha said that Tamika felt singled out for being a “rambunctious child” that she and their mother often lectured. She added that it was tough love because she “had issues” and even got kicked out of school.

Find out where LaTocha stands with Xscape and whether they’ll perform together again after the jump!

LaTocha Scott Speaks On Xscape Performing Without Her And Whether She’s Still Part Of The Group

Don’t let Wikipedia fool you! Just because the singers drifted their separate ways doesn’t mean LaTocha is out of Xscape, said the songstress. LaTocha claimed to not mind about the group’s shows going on without her because they’ve done it in the past. However, she thinks they should use the Xscap3 name.

“They should’ve probably respected it in that way because it’s not Xscape until it’s all four of us. I don’t want them not to make money and do shows,” she continued.

There’s still hope for another reunion because LaTocha says she “never left” the group. “My name is off [the Wikipedia page], but I’m still part of Xscape,” she said.

Xscape’s mama drama wasn’t exclusive to Tamika and LaTocha’s mother Gloria, who calls herself the fifth member of the group.

In addition to Tiny Harris’ mother Ms. Diane appearing in Tamika’s video of receipts, Mama Joyce apparently got tagged into the R&Beef.

According to LaTocha, Kandi’s mom hasn’t changed much in all the years since Xscape started as teenagers.

“She actually called me to tell me to stop singing,” LaTocha said about the outspoken elder. “She said, ‘Stop singing. You’re causing a lot of friction.’ So, no, she hasn’t changed.”

Yikes! There’s clearly more than enough music and drama for another season of Queens of R&B if both Xscape and SWV agree to work together again.

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