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From Uncensored to unbothered?

Premiere Of "No Way Out"

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Marques Houston, 41, recently stepped out with 22-year-old wife Miya Dickey for the premiere of the Tubi thriller No Way Out amid reignited backlash over their controversial marriage.

This comes just days after the singer opened up about the eyebrow-raising union on the hit TV One series Uncensored where he insisted his connection with his wife is nothing weird, but rather, a spiritual connection they shared after she turned 18.

“Me and my wife’s situation is a little different. How we met through mutual friends and everything like that,” Houston explained in the clip. “When I met my wife, she was 17. So, we had no really conversation, no really connection until, you know, she was of age.”

A few days after the clip went viral, Houston responded to the Uncensored backlash in an interview with TMZ.

When asked if it upsets him that the internet has a problem with the age that his wife was when he married her, Houston had this to say.

“Absolutely not…absolutely not, you know, you gotta think about it, everybody has their own opinion–opinions are like noses, everyone has one. I’m not the kinda person who cares what people think about me. So, say what you want. I’m happily married, I love my wife, we have a beautiful daughter and that’s how we livin.’

He went on to clarify that Miya was 19 when they got married, and 18 when they started dating, saying people online try to make her out to be a year younger than she really is to make their story sound worse.

Apparently, Marques doesn’t realize that it still sounds weird…even if it is legal.

“She was 19 when we got married, she was 18 when we started dating. A lot of misconception[s] out there. A lot of people try to twist her age online and make it seem like she was born a year earlier, she wasn’t,” Houston explained.

“She’s 22 going on 23. And you know, she keeps me young and fresh. What can I say? We have a love that people don’t really understand, and I don’t really care to explain it. It’s what it is.”

Marques has been accused of grooming his wife despite him insisting he didn’t start talking to Miya until she was 18, connecting with the teenager over their shared love of God and music.

“People don’t understand it and I got a lot of backlash for marrying someone that was 19,’ he continued in the now-viral clip. When we did finally start to talk I was like, ‘This woman is like me’ and when I would talk to her she’d just…For one, we had a spiritual connection and I feel like that’s the most important thing. We both love God. We both love Jehovah and that was key.”

“Being able to start being around her and talking to her we connected through music,” he said. “Her spirit, her kindness, her heart reminds me a lot of my mom. You know we connected on so many different levels.”


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