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There’s more drama to be stripped away from Cynthia Bailey’s 2020 bachelorette party, as clips surface claiming Drew Sidora and LaToya Howard lip-bumped during the headline making party.

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B. Scott reports some steamy tea has been overturned after recordings surfaced from the Real Housewives of Atlanta cast’s trip to Portugal.

Drew Sidora vs. Everybody: “That Never F*cking Happened!”

In a series of recordings, Drew claims LaToya admitted to sleeping with her long-time pal, Prophet Lott but she reportedly denies kissing the Canadian during Bailey’s bachelorette party.

“She a very sexual person. She has no problem licking her tongue out [inaudbile]. Like… all the time. That’s just Toya — and it’s crazy. She’s just always in heat,” B. Scott reports she says in the recorded conversation.

Marlo Hampton then asks Drew to clarify, “So, Toya be lying too — you’re saying?” To which Drew says, “[She told me] and Ralph explicit details and she apologized to both of us. She f*cked the prophet. She gave me explicit details of how she f*cked the prophet and what happened!”

In the clip, Drew says, “I never kissed her mouth, she never kissed my mouth.”

Kandi Burruss chimed in, “Y’all definitely kissed!”

“Toya did kiss your mouth, why you lying?” Marlo retorted.

“AND NOW MARLO’S SAYING IT!”  Kandi says excitedly.

Everyone in the group seems to recount the events similarly except for Drew.

“That never f*cking happened. So…you’re saying I was pulling your wig?” Drew says before the clip suddenly ends reports B. Scott.

Marlo says Toya (formerly LaToya Ali) may be many things, but she doesn’t believe a liar is one. In the final clip, she says,

“It’s not that we won’t believe Toya, but she’s a real b—- and she’s an Aquarius like me”.

“But she also lies a f*cking lot”, responds Drew, to which Marlo says, “I don’t know if she lies.”

Did Drew Already Confirm “A Lick” Between Herself And LaToya?

Drew’s sudden spin on the steamy kiss is suspicious because it’s not just her word against LaToya. As previously reported, LaToya also confirmed the kiss went down.

During a previous BOSSIP #RealityRecap with Managing Editor Dani Canada, Drew also seemed to confirm the alleged kiss.

“I can tell you that there was one particular fan that was looking for something to lick and that’s just it,” Drew said.

Drew didn’t specify exactly what got licked or who did the licking, but later in the interview, she said she “felt fan vibes” from LaToya.

“All you wanna comment on is how you don’t like me from “The Game” which I get and I was very flattered by that,” said Drew. “Then you proceed to show me that you’re watching my every move, I was just like okay, girl. You’re my #1 biggest fan.”

Interesting! After Drew’s dramatic divorce filing from husband Ralph Pittman, it makes sense why she wouldn’t want to rock the boat even more. There’s enough fuel on the fire from Mimi Faust hinting about alleged “Munch” madness between Ty Young and Drew.

It hasn’t been confirmed if the clips will make their way into the final edits of the show, but we know fans would love to see an on-camera convo about the allegations. Others long to see LaToya’s return to the program to concoct more drama.

What The Housewives Previously Said About Stripper-Gate

Initially, the steamiest tea from Cynthia’s dungeon-themed bachelorette party was rumors that Bolo left some of the Georgia Peaches’ peaches bruised and the “coffee table incident” between Porsha and LaToya.
On an episode of the #RHOA after party, Kenya alleged that she heard multiple women making “moans and groans” in a room with Bolo.
Kenay explained, “It seems, though, it was multiple people in a room, and I stood there because I’m like, ‘I don’t know what I’m hearing,'” She continued, “I think I heard multiple women’s voices and I heard a man.”
On May 2, 2020, during Part 2 of the RHOA reunion, host Andy Cohen inquired about the party’s details, “There was a lot of talk about the coffee table action.” After a few giggles from the cast, he asked, “Does anyone care to share what happened on the coffee table?”
“That’s one of the things that were blurry,” Porsha explained. She then revealed, “It came back to me that Toya was doing a thing on me, you know, or whatever…”

“Or whatever?” Andy responded, before LaToya interjected asking, “What’s ‘a thing on me’?”

As Porsha pointed to her crotch, she said, “Your face was here”.

LaToya then asked, “My face was there?”, to which Porsha responded, “Yes.”

“Did you like it?” LaToya asked. “Yeah!” Porsha replied.

“But I didn’t really remember that,” Porsha claimed. She said she was informed by another attendee what went down. The group must have really been gone off the brown. Porsha added, “I still had on my costume, so it’s not like she was [doing anything].” Meaning LaToya really didn’t take an Uber downtown.

Apparently, some of the Peaches let the Freaknik come out that night.

Do you believe the kiss happened between Drew Sidora and LaToya Howard? And what do you think about the rumored lip lock still making headlines in 2023?


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