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It’s that wonderful time of year where drippy high schoolers FLEX ON US LOWLY PEASANTS with extravagant prom ‘fits, luxurious vehicles, and dazzling photoshoots that elevate the age-old event while stirring up starry-eyed hysteria across social media.

This year, celebrity parents including Monica, Dr. Heavenly, Tammy Rivera, and Erica Dixon celebrated their kids going to prom with P-Valley star Brandee Evans going the extra step by actually attending the formal affair with her Goddaughter, Jalynn.

‘My God baby asked me to be her chaperone/plus 1 for the prom,’ Evans wrote in the caption of photo together.

She doesn’t ask me for much. Actually, she really never asks for anything. So, I had to make sure I made this happen for her.

She wanted a “CLASSY” theme. (Yes, she chose CLASSY 👏🏾🙌🏾) That’s my baby girl y’all!

I love you Jalynn #Prom2023

Thank you to everyone that made this day so special for her! Believe me… It took a village! #IYKYK’

This should come as no surprise to anyone familiar with the talented actress who revealed she’s a proud caretaker of her mother, Diana Harrington. Her mom has lived with multiple sclerosis for the past 20 years and was recently diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease.

‘I truly believe in what the Bible says about honoring your parents. You only get one mom,’ she said in an interview with ESSENCE.

‘Even with P-Valley, I had a toxic relationship with my mom growing up, but that forgiveness for us has come. I forgave her. She’s forgiven me. So I’m sitting in the gratitude of being able to have her with me, in whatever capacity she’s in, in this space.’

‘Truly, my biggest thing is to be able to (take) care of my mom and just live my dreams,’ she continued, adding, ‘I’m really doing what I want to do with my life and I’m so thankful to Katori Hall and Starz.’

What’s your fondest prom memory? Do you think your parents would’ve rented a luxury vehicle for you to flex with? Tell us down below and enjoy the most extravagant prom flexes of 2023 (so far) on the flip.

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