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RHOA Season 15

Source: AB+DM (Ahmad Barber and Danté Maurice) / Bravo

The ladies of The Real Housewives of Atlanta made their season 15 debut and two of them butted heads (almost literally) during a messy moment.

During Sunday’s premiere, viewers saw several shady things transpire. Shereé Whitfield’s “BDE exuding” man Martell Holt was introduced and he sent shade Kandi and Todd’s way. The Tuckers were the least of his problems however as Kenya Moore later alleged that he slid in her DMs and “lightweight tried to talk to her.”

Later, #RHOA took an intense turn after Kandi went head-to-head with a newbie who tried to check her about their supposed friendship. “You want the smoke? I’ll give you the smoke!” Kandi said while recapping the big blowup.

In case you missed last night’s Real Housewives season 15 premiere, he’s a recap of what went down.

Kenya, Kandi & Monyetta Had Questions About Shereé’s Boo Martell

Despite Shereé being excited about her new boo Martell during the #RHOA premiere, Kandi and Monyetta Shaw said they heard rumors that Martell was dating numerous other women in Atlanta. The ladies alleged that the “streets have been talking” about Martell and they wondered if Shereé was just having fun dating the Inest Wine creator or if she was taking their relationship seriously.

Scale Up Business Mixer & Upscale Magazine Reveal Party

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In the midst of the conversation, Kenya Moore dropped a bomb and said that Martell had previously DMed her. When she pulled out her phone to show the DM, however, she noted that it had been deleted so there was no real receipt. When a producer asked Kenya why she didn’t jump at the chance to previously date Martell, the housewife shaded the father of five and her supposed friend Shereé.

“Every time Martell looks at a woman they come back pregnant,” said Kenya. “Luckily for Sherée, she doesn’t have any more periods so she doesn’t have to worry about that.”

Shereé clearly didn’t appreciate Kenya hinting that she hit menopause so she shaded her on Twitter.

Later, Shereé made #RHOA waves when she brought Martell as her date to the 40th birthday bash that Sanya threw for her husband Ross.

Upon seeing the two, Kandi quipped that Shereé went from “Mr. Community Service” referencing Tyrone Gilliams to “Mr. Community Property” referencing Martell.

Kenya also commented that Shereé needs a #RHOA spinoff titled “Watch Me Date These Dumb Dudes.”

Upon hearing what was said on the episode, the She By Shereé creator sent a “community puss” comment Kandi’s way on Twitter and Kandi clapped back.


She also shaded Kenya and Monyetta who were seen giving her a heads up about Martell’s alleged player ways.

That wasn’t the biggest drama of the night, however.

During the party, Kandi was confronted by newbie Courtney Rhodes who alleged that there was some sort of offensive “friendship” comment made about her. The messy moment nearly got physical and a headbutt threat surfaced.

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While at the ritzy $100,000 birthday bash Courtney discussed her gripe with Kandi and said that the housewife falsely alleged that they were friends.


The Real Housewives of Atlanta

Source: AB+DM (Ahmad Barber and Danté Maurice) / Bravo

“Do I look like I’m desperate for friends?” wondered the consulting agency founder.

She then confronted Kandi during a heated moment where she energetically bounced her shoulders to emphasize her point.

“Hey, did you tell somebody that you and Kandi were friends?’ Courtney said her friend asked her. “I was like I don’t have to make up friends!” […] “I didn’t say that I knew you, I said we were in similar social settings.”

“What’s with this energy?” asked Kandi who eventually lost her cool amid Courtney’s allegations that Kandi called her a clout chaser. “I’m about to headbutt this b***!”

After the #RHOA premiere, Kandi recapped what went down on her “Speak On It!” podcast and she didn’t hold back.

Kandi Talks Courtney Rhodes Clash On #RHOA

On Sunday, Kandi uploaded her reaction to the premiere and shared her thoughts on the messy moment.

According to Kandi, she was confused about Courtney’s energy until she realized that she was the “beat” for the day. The term apparently means when something that is said off-camera is brought up as a hot topic during filming.

“You can see the look on my face,” said Kandi on “Speak On It.” “That’s when it clicked to me. I”m the beat! Oh, so this b*** knew she was about to try to come to check me. This is a beat! Oh s***t, I’m the beat. This b**** is trying me on purpose.”

“She has already amped herself up because she knew that she was planning to approach me and say something to me,” she added.

Kandi then shared what was going through her mind during the heated convo.

“I was trying to stay cool and calm, [but] I’m only gonna be cool for so long,” said Kandi. She wanted the smoke, that’s what she wanted. You want the smoke? I will give you the smoke!”

She also noted that felt “heat in her chest” after Courtney continued to do “bobblehead s***” and bounced her way while calling her out her name.

“When she said b****, I was like ‘Oh I’m about to head-butt this hoe!'” said Kandi. ‘She’s about to take me out of my lady hood, it was about to be hood!”

Ultimately, Kandi thought the friendship comments got misconstrued.

” It was a bad game of telephone gone wrong, but there is more to the story that I will find out later,” said Kandi. “There was something that she said, that’s going to extend the beef between she and I. What I will tell you, is [to] keep watching.”


What do YOU think about the #RHOA season 15 premiere? What was your favorite messy moment?

RHOA Season 15

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