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The supersized Real Housewives of Atlanta finale detailed Drew Sidora and Ralph Pittman filing docs to end their marriage before one of their “cousins” had a shady hot mic moment.

“Now we see why she was pushing so hard for that adoption because she was like ‘adopt this child so I can go bein my gay lover relationship and you pay the bills!'” said an alleged relative of a #RHOA star.

RHOA: Ralph Pittman, Drew Sidora, Courtney Rhodes

Source: Paras Griffin/ AB+DM (Ahmad Barber and Danté Maurice)/Bravo / Getty

On Sunday, season 15 of the Bravo show came to a close but before the credits rolled, producers showed the aftermath of Drew Sidora and Ralph Pittman filing for divorce. As previously reported the two both filed on the same day within 61 minutes of each other and they’ll face off at the #RHOA reunion over allegations of infidelity on both sides.

Ahead of that, the dissolution of the couple’s marriage was shown including Ralph siding with his long lost cousin Courtney Rhodes who finally fessed up to calling his wife Drew a “b***.”

Drew wanted her husband to have her back when it came to the jewelry designer but Ralph wasn’t having it.

At first, he wondered what the problem was considering that all of the ladies of #RHOA had dropped the b-word in reference to his wife. He also scoffed at the idea that his cousin offended him by referring to Drew in that way.

“What she say offensive to me?!” asked Ralph.

He then doubled down on the issue to his sister-in-law before Drew burst into tears.

“Well Allison, you’ve called Drew a b*** before!” said Ralph to his wife’s sister.


After attending counseling sessions that went absolutely nowhere, Ralph and Drew both filed for divorce before sitting down for confessionals with #RHOA producers.

Drew Sidora And Ralph Pittman #RHOA Recap Their Divorce, Speak On Ty Young Dating Rumors

At the end of the episode, the estranged exes were brought in to discuss their respective divorce filings.

RHOA: Ralph Pittman, Drew Sidora

Source: Paras Griffin / Getty

While filming with the production crew Drew continuously broke down in tears and alleged that her husband was unfaithful.

“I lost my voice in the marriage and I allowed things that no woman should allow,” said Drew. “I allowed him to have innaapropiate relationships with women, I allowed Tampa,” said Drew referring to her husband’s mysterious season one dissapearance.

Ralph said that he asked for the divorce but declined to divulge details at the advice of his lawyer. He also declined to address Drew’s allegations that he cheated.


During the episode, viewers also watched Drew realize in real-time that Mimi Faust alleged that she was dating her ex Ty Young.

Ty Young, Mimi Faust

Source: Prince Williams/Wireimage / Getty

As previously reported Mimi made the accusation by posting a pic of Drew and Ty together while Ice Spice’s hit “Munch” played in the background.


“That is just so low,” said Drew about the rumor.

“Ty and Drew, they have a friendship together,” said Ralph about his wife’s rumored affair. “That’s pretty much as far as I can actually say.”


And while Ralph declined to offer up alleged details about Drew and Ty, his relative Courtney opened up about what she heard.


Hit the flip for her (very messy) comments.

Courtney Rhodes Alleges That Drew Is Bisexual, Alleges Drew Pushed For Ralph To Adopt Her Son She Could Be In A “Gay Relationship”

At the end of Sunday’s episode of #RHOA, Courtney Rhodes hopped in the mix to back up her cousin Ralph.

“I had heard she’s a good time, she’s bisexual, so I just asked Ralph [about Drew],” said Courtney in a #RHOA confessional. “It’s no secret, she has fun with girls too and he’s aware of it.”

When she was asked specifically about what she knows about Drew and her alleged girlfriend [Ty Young], Courtney went on to allege that Drew visited Ty in Texas, something that Drew actually confirmed in the #RHOA reunion trailer.

“I know that Ralph has a lot of the discovery,” said Courtney mentioning alleged evidence of the two women dating that Ralph will use in divorce proceedings.

After Courtney thought her microphone was off, she was heard giving up more alleged dirt on Drew and alleging that the actress wanted her cousin Ralph to adopt her son Josiah for shady reasons.

As previously reported Ralph announced that he reversed his plan to adopt the boy after discussing the matter with the child’s biological father.

“I have pictures of them on my phone but I wasn’t gonna say that on camera,” said Courtney about Ty and Drew when she thought she was no longer being recorded. “Now we see why she was pushing so hard for that adoption,” she added. “Because she was like, ‘adopt this child so I can go bein my gay lover relationship and you pay the bills!'”


As you can imagine, #RHOA fans are none too pleased with Courtney and they’re blasting her for bringing up Drew’s child.

Kenya Moore is also joining in on blasting the friend of the show.

#RHOA fans are also alleging that Courtney might not be Ralph’s cousin at all and they think something else is afoot.

Despite the doubts,  Courtney will be seen alongside her cousin during the #RHOA reunion.

Part one airs Sunday, Sept. 3 at 8 p.m. ET/PT.


What did YOU think about the Ralph Pittman/ Drew Sidora divorce drama shown on #RHOA?


Source: The Real Housewives Of Atlanta / Bravo


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