Cardi B Warns Haters, Blasts Rumors About Offset & Her Father

Cardi B Blasts BS Offset Cheating Rumors & Haters Lying About Her Father: ‘Keep It Cute On Family… Especially Offenders’

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Cardi B checked cheating conspiracies about Offset and haters spreading lies about her father online by issuing a warning to “keep it cute about family.”

2023 MTV Video Music Awards - Arrivals

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After a week of keyboard gangsters gossiping and geriatric goons, the Grammy winner got fed up so Cardi entered the chat to shut down the digital drama. In particular, she addressed the haters targeting her family with fake rumors on social media.

As BOSSIP previously reported, Nicki Minaj’s husband, Kenneth Petty, and his too-grown goons threatened the “Jealousy” rappers on Instagram Friday night. They posted videos from a street corner, taunting the Migos member: “Offset, where you at?” one of Petty’s pals allegedly threatened Cardi in the past and tried to antagonize Cardi online before Offset responded.

Petty himself even mentioned the rapper potentially having to plan his own funeral.


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The OGs were seemingly fueling and feeding off tension from the two rap rivals appearing at the MTV VMAs last week. Their respective fan bases followed suit online.

The shade turned nasty, forcing Cardi to address more infidelity rumors about Offset and resurfaced lies about her father. The platinum-selling diva warned trolls about fake cheating rumors before, and it sounds like she meant business.

Check out Cardi’s response to social media targeting her family after the flip.

Cardi Shuts Down Rumors That Offset Cheated With A Woman Spotted On His Kai Cenat Live Stream

2023 Video Music Awards - Arrivals

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Internet instigators have been working overtime to stir up drama for Cardi and Nicki, especially after nothing popped off at the VMAs on Tuesday. They settled for trying to provoke a repeat of Cardi and Offset’s relationship drama over cheating rumors.

While Offset promoted his upcoming album through a 24-hour livestream with Kai Cenat, social media sleuths clocked a mystery woman. Stans cherry-picked clips from the marathon chill session to spread rumors of an affair.

Cardi B took to Twitter to thank Bardigang for identifying the woman as Offset’s stylist, Shaleeta “SheShe” Pendleton.

“SCRAMBLING !!!!” Cardi commented on a post debunking the theory about the woman.


Another post responded to the accusations with clips from Offset’s live stream as receipts, saying:

“Y’all are lying and just putting random clips together. They were laughing because they caught him sleeping, and that’s definitely his brand manager/cousin.”

The “Bongos” rapper then shut down the rumors herself on X (formerly Twitter).

Cardi quoted them, adding, “Exactly…The fact that they had to watch a 24 hour stream to fake piece things together is EMBARRASSING!!! They some do bads lmaaoooooo.”

Although the couple both addressed overcoming Offset’s past infidelity, the only thing Kai caught him doing was sneaking a nap. The Twitch streamer also fact-checked the ridiculous rumors.

This is all the way CAP! He was trynna duck smoke from us drowning him with water + the people that came in my room was his team that was there for the release of the MUSIC VIDEO, at least go back and watch the stream to see what’s going on bro, we had an amazing fun night together don’t start saying ANYTHING,” Kai clarified.

When the allegations shifted to Cardi’s father, she checked social media users about coming for her family.

See why Cardi warned the internet to “keep it cute when it comes to family” after the flip.

Cardi B Clapped Back At Resurfaced Lies About Her Father: “Keep It Cute On Family… Especially Offenders”

2023 MTV Video Music Awards - Arrivals

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After Kenneth Petty and his friends pretended to pull up on Cardi and Offset, the convicted sex offender became social media’s main character. Critics called out the soon-to-be seniors’ shenanigans and Petty’s criminal record. In response, trolls lied about Cardi’s father having a similar rap sheet.

Bardigang once again put the messy accusations on blast as long-debunked lies that her dad “is a convicted r@pist.. and a p€dophile too.”

One X user pulled up screenshot receipts of Cardi clearing his name back in 2020.

“You can search my dad name up and down and you can hire a top tier investigator. You can’t even get a mugshot ’cause my father never been arrested. I find it disgusting that ya been trying to start rumors about my family ’cause ya hate me,” Cardi previously wrote.

“My father name is Carlos Julio Almanzar. A immigrant that came to America in 1990 from the Dominican Republic. I my dad would have committed any crime, he would have been deported and wouldn’t have been able to get a job as a cab driver for nine years!” she explained in a follow-up post.

Cardi clocked back into X herself with a reminder to tread lightly about her family. She told her haters to “keep it cute” or they’ll “wanna cry” over her response.

“First it was the video lying on Offset, now it’s lies on my dad.. I’m pretty sure ya know offenders have to take a pic every year. Keep it cute on family…Especially offenders, pedos and molesters cuz everybody gonna wanna cry when I start talking about the real p*ssy snatchers,” she posted on Sunday.

Yikes! The rap diva took her own advice about keeping it cute and returned to promoting “Bongos” fan videos. It sounds like internet instigators are on Cardi’s last nerve before she keeps the same energy online.

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