Nicki Minaj Blasts Elliott Wilson, Kanye's 'New Body' Request

Onika On One: Nicki Minaj Barbie Blasts Elliott Wilson, Curves Kanye’s ‘New Body’ Clearance, And Ethers DJ Envy’s ‘Busted Houses’

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Nicki Minaj is coming for more than the top spot with her Pink Friday 2 rollout. She’s calling out Elliott Wilson and DJ Envy for an “agenda” against her music.

Elliott Wilson x Nicki Minaj x Kanye West

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Nicki accused her critics of trying to undermine her career and new album release. The “Barbie World” star began beefing with Wilson after his comment about her appearance on Kai Cenat’s Twitch channel. One tweet about the record-breaking stream turned into a rant, telling the Rap Radar founder to “spit Jay-Z d*kk out for one second.”

On Thursday, Nicki tweeted about her recent live-stream with Kai Cenat. Other rappers like Offset recently appeared on his Twitch channel, but Nicki broke records for the internet personality. According to Complex, their collaboration drew up to 348,593 viewers, breaking his July record of 306,280. Nicki took to social media to thank her fans for showing up and showing out.

“How long was I on Kai last night? It’s crazy that we broke his streaming record, too! So proud of you guys & his fans as well. Numbers don’t lie,” she wrote.

Nicki had “so much fun” the previous night, which included twerking at a dance party. Some fans loved seeing her turn up with Cenat and his family.

Wilson shared a now-deleted screenshot from the moment, shadily commenting, “Hip Hop Journalism.”

Thousands Of Social Media Users Join Nicki Minaj In Clapping Back At Elliott Wilson

Nicki fired back, calling it hypocrisy to shade newcomers after she said they “tried to tarnish my image” for the same thing.

“Elliot if you’d spit JayZ dikk out for one second, you’d be able to be happy for the new comers. Isn’t that how y’all tried to tarnish my image? By saying I’m not welcoming new btchs in? Did songs with all of them tho. Why you not happy for a young black man like Kai. Tmrw btch,” she warned.

He didn’t want the smoke and explained that he wasn’t taking any shots at Nicki. As the Barbz started to swarm, he reposted praise about Nicki’s GOAT status and loving the lead single in March, “Red Ruby Da Sleeze.”

“Never dissed Nicki. Always said she’s the female rap 🐐. Over Lauryn, Missy, Kim and Foxy and all. I think Cardi B is dope too. …. Nicki is goat and best again. New album is dope,” he clarified.

It was too late to stop Nicki’s fans from dragging the journalist. Other Hip Hop heads accused Wilson of being a hypocrite for another reason. They claimed the self-proclaimed “GOAT of Hip Hop Journalism” did the same “clout chasing” as Cenat before a new generation took over.

Nicki didn’t let up either, expanding the claims of a conspiracy to “4 companies that are still trying their hardest to bring me down.”

In a follow-up tweet, she mentioned DJ Envy for admitting in 2019 that he blackballed her music at Power 105.1. Nicki also joked that God helped her get the last laugh after accusations that he fraudulently flipped “busted houses.”

“Remember how cocky dj envy was when he was saying he black balls my music on the radio? Ask yourself how a DJ could get away w/that behavior,” she wrote.

““Then I remember him selling them busted houses & I have to laugh… We prayed, envy 1 by 1… God will show y’all that you are NOT GOD.”

The drama didn’t end there. Nicki proceeded to drag Wilson even more in another interview with Cenat.

Check out Nicki Minaj continuing to clapback at Elliott Wilson and explaining why she curved Kanye West’s clearance request for Vultures after the flip!

Nicki Minaj Doubled Down On Dragging Elliott Wilson, Calling Him A “H** A** N***a” With An “Agenda”

Elliott Wilson Hosts CRWN With Nicki Minaj For

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If the spicy tweets weren’t enough, Nicki Minaj continued coming for Elliott Wilson. On IG Live Thursday night, she blamed the beef with Wilson on an “agenda” to distract from her album.

“You know how many tweets I’ve seen you post disrespecting me, ‘Idiot’ Wilson? All y’all for some reason, when you’re around certain people, you feel like you’ve got some power,” she said.

“Why when y’all have an affiliation to Jay-Z in some sort of way, y’all be thinking that y’all can disrespect and violate?”  she asked after a comment that Wilson reportedly “came at” Drake.

Nicki went on to claim that the clash was a long time coming because she ignored other “nasty things” he said over the years. Instead, she suspected that Wilson had been a “mouthpiece” for others who wanted a “distraction” more than an interview.

“But then I drop an album and you’re jealous that you didn’t interview me? Why? And by the way, you’re a grown f**king man. If you wanted an interview, you could have asked, I would have given you one. But that’s not what you want, right. Actually, we know what you want. You wanted to cause a distraction. Y’all have been trying for months and we didn’t care. Now we have a great album, we really don’t care,” Nicki continued.

The album is still evolving, as Nicki hinted there’s a third round with Wilson coming. She promised to “get some things off my chest” on the unreleased “Roman and Gag City” track. However, she’s only focused on dropping new tracks for Pink Friday 2. 

Kanye West Refuses To Release Vultures Without “New Body” Clearance

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Nicki addressed Kanye West’s request to clear her feature on “New Body” and why she rejected it for his Vultures album with Ty Dolla $ign. “The thing about ‘New Body’ is it’s already out!” she said with a chuckle. Although Nicki meant “no disrespect,” the backstory behind the song sounds like Ye is dragging it, like the rest of the delayed album.

“Kanye made me write three verses for ‘New Body,’ right? When he went into his gospel era, he asked me to change that iconic, immaculate verse into a gospel verse. I should’ve been said ‘no,’ but I didn’t out of my respect for him,” she revealed.

While she was working on the new album, Nicki said Ye requested her to re-write the gospel verse. That was the last straw in their creative differences.

“Chile. That train has left the station. No disrespect in any way. I just put out a brand new album. Now why would I put out a song that has been out for three years? Come on, guys,” she continued.

In a recent rant, Kanye revealed that he “just won’t put this s**t out” if Nicki doesn’t clear her feature. The unbothered Barbie already left Ye on read in the screenshot of a text he posted about it.

Whew, it’s getting messier by the minute!

Check out more of Nicki Minaj’s IG Live below.

What do you think about the Pink Friday 2 rollout and Nicki Minaj’s beef with Elliott Wilson? Is Kanye West doing too much or not enough over “New Body?”

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