Nicki Minaj Tells Megan Thee Stallion To 'Conjure Up' Late Mother

‘HISS’-y Fit: Relentless Roman Ranting Nicki Minaj Tells Megan Thee Stallion To ‘Conjure Up’ Her Mother Over Snakily Shady ‘Megan’s Law’ Line

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Following Megan Thee Stallion’s epic disses on “Hiss,” Nicki Minaj has been on an hoursssssss long war path. On Friday, the Pink Friday 2 rapper went personal with low blows about Megan’s late mother and seemingly threatened to shoot her. Obviously ornery, Onika’s Nick’s rant is currently still ongoing.

Nicki Minaj x Megan Thee Stallion

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What happened to going bar for bar? Although Nicki Minaj claimed she had multiple Megan disses on standby, she’s been posted on social media about the brewing beef instead of the studio.

Whether you love it or hate it, the battery in her Barbie back isn’t running out of energy anytime soon. Her “Big Foot” diss track was just the beginning of Nicki’s clap backs in the renewed feud with Megan.

As BOSSIP previously reported, fans suspect Megan Thee Stallion dissed Nicki Minaj with a lyric about Megan’s Law. It requires convicted sex offenders, like Nicki’s husband Kenneth Petty and her brother Jelani Maraj, to remain on a public register and notify any community where they reside.

“These hoes don’t be mad at Megan, these hoes mad at Megan’s Law/ I don’t really know what the problem is, but I guarantee y’all don’t want me to start,” Megan rapped.

This could apply to multiple people, like the lines about BBLs, clout chasing with Meg’s name, and bending walls with photo editing to look stacked like Thee Stallion. She didn’t name names on the song intended to warn haters to “back off,” but said a “hit dog gon’ holler,” in her Breakfast Club interview.

Nicki Minaj Reenters The Chat After Megan Thee Stallion Drops “Hiss” Video

On Friday afternoon, Nicki followed up with a lengthy follow-up tweet that started with flexing her latest music stats while sounding like she’s shading Meg as a “flop.” Then she questioned whether the TSU alum really “went to college” because she “can’t read her contract.”

“Did y’all run up her color purple song? Nope. Huge vmas performance [big video] = flop. Every album she’s ever released= flopped. Paid media all the time. Fraudulent awards = flopped.Horrible ACTOR that can’t cry on cue. Don’t try to act bookie it’s a chop,” Nicki wrote.

“Pathological & manipulative liar. Using ghost writers & still SUCK. So it’s not me, y’all. I would never. I’m a classy lil rich lady. Immigrant to a BOSS. the American Dream…” she continued before blaming her relentless rant on the fact that ” #Roman seems to be in one of those ‘moods’ now.”

Nicki went on to focus on the Barbz and her album rollout. Megan ignored the response, only posting the “Hiss” video and photos from filming.

The unbothered baddie remained quiet as “Hiss” shot to #1 on Apple Music, and the lyric video and music video occupied the top two spots on YouTube.

This only seemed to make “Roman” even madder as Nicki went on the offensive again.

Check out Nicki Minaj’s clap backs seemingly about Megan Thee Stallion’s mother and threatening to “empty the clip” on Statoionhead after the flip!

Nicki Minaj Appears To Tell Megan Thee Stallion To ‘Conjure Up’ Her Dead Mother

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The rap beef quickly took an even nastier turn. Nicki Minaj accused Megan Thee Stallion of coming for her convicted “family members” and even alleged the Houston rapper ” lied” on her late mother, Holly Thomas. She also doubled down on her claims that Megan Thee Stallion encouraged her to drink and get an abortion while she was trying to conceive.

“Y’all wanna bring up family members???!! And lying on your dead mother?!?!! Lied to Gayle. Lied on & F**KED your best friend man?!!!!! Told me to drink & go to the clinic if I was pregnant. All b/c I wouldn’t let your funky butt pour liquor down my throat?” Nicki asked, launching into another rant.

“B!ch think she a bully cuz she get a Roc Nation brunch every year. Be mad @ PARDI!!!!!!!!!! He told all your tea but u taking shots at my family? Bwahahhhahahaaaaaaa get up on yo good foot!!!!!! #PinkFriday2 PLATINUM go apologize to your mother nasty serpant! REPENT!!!!”

The belligerent Barbie claimed to have video and text receipts to back up her accusations.

“I have the text messages if I get the go. IFFFFFFF anyone says I’m lying. So now we got the video AND the text messages,” she added.

On Stationhead, Nicki continued to call out Megan Thee Stallion about “everyone thrown under the bus.” In addition to bringing up DaBaby, Tory Lanez, and Megan’s ex-bff Kelsey, Nicki told Meg to “conjure up” her mother.

“You let everyone be thrown under the bus, You let DaBaby be thrown under the bus, Tory, your best friend, your mom… You better go conjure up your mother and apologize,” the “Everybody” rapper said.

Fans also think Nicki threatened to shoot Megan on IG Live.

“I dare you, b***h to say one more thing about my family, h**! All y’all got a motherf**king clip coming, and y’all don’t even f**king know, b***h! I f**king dare you, b***h! And I know you’re listening right now you… fragment foot b***h!” she yelled.

While rap fans are excited for two of the top rappers to push each other’s pens in a beef, social media users would rather they duke it out on songs, not the internet. Hopefully, the “clip” Nicki said is coming is full of diss tracks worthy of the queen of rap.

Anything is a better use of her time than consigning a rancid racist like Ben Shapiro.

Check out Megan Thee Stallion’s song, “Hiss,” below.

What do you think of Nicki Minaj’s continued clapbacks after Megan Thee Stallion’s “Hiss” diss?

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