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Megan Thee Stallion’s diss-filled “Hiss” has everyone talking and “hit dogs hollering,” including Nicki Minaj who responded with a clapback track of her own.

Megan Thee Stallion x Nicki Minaj

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On Friday, Jan. 26, Megan Thee Stallion spit straight venom on her latest single, “Hiss” and the heavy-hitting song strikes at all of her biggest critics, dedicated haters, and rap rivals. In addition to the alleged BBL king and “fake accent” ting Drake, petite prisoner Tory Lanez, and her clout-chasing ex Pardison Fontaine, fans think Meg took the biggest swing at Nicki Minaj.


“These hoes don’t be mad at Megan, these hoes mad at Megan’s Law/ I don’t really know what the problem is, but I guarantee y’all don’t want me to start,” Megan rapped, sending Funkmaster Flex-faced reactions across social media.

“Megan’s Law” line, referencing the federal law notifying the public about registered sex offenders, seemingly aims at Nicki’s husband, Kenneth Petty. Barbie’s Ken isn’t the only one in Hip-Hop with allegations of sexual misconduct and preying on minors, but he’s the only high-profile perpetrator making headlines about complying with the sex offender registry.

In 2022, he received one year of house arrest and three years of probation for failure to register as a sex offender in California after moving into Nicki’s dreamhouse in 2019.

Petty served four years in prison for the first-degree attempted rape of a 16-year-old girl in 1995.




Nicki clearly felt the heat, and hysterically took to Instagram Live to respond mere minutes after the midnight release of “Hiss.”

Check out Nicki Minaj’s reaction to Megan Thee Stallion’s diss after the flip!

“Who Wanna Play With Nicki?” Nicki Minaj Claps Back At Megan Thee Stallion With Unreleased Diss Track

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Although many suspect Nicki Minaj started the feud with her former “Hot Girl Summer” sister Megan Thee Stallion, the Pink Friday 2 rapper was clearly ready to finish it. She rallied the Barbz to join her on Instagram Live to bash the bars from Meg’s latest song, “Hiss.”

Nicki also revealed she had one in the chamber, with an unreleased diss track about Megan Thee Stallion. Nicki mocked Meg’s southern accent, her flow, and statuesque Stallion height. She also questioned whether Megan could even find the beat.

“You have three Grammys and you have to learn how to rap on the beat and be comfortable in the music,” she said, before doing an impression of Meg’s Houston accent.

Nicki went on to preview a diss track joking about Tory Lanez shooting Meg in both feet in 2020.

“Bad b***h she like six foot, I call her Big Foot/ The b***h fell off, I said get up on your good foot,” Nicki rapped, confirming the “Big Foot” shade she previously threw was also about Meg.

Nicki ran the line back multiple times, cracking herself up, although the lukewarm line received mixed reactions.

Belligerent Barbz ate it up, coaxing Nicki into flashing her itty-bitty Barbie feet online like Doja Cat.

Similarly, Nicki couldn’t get enough of the shade her Barbz threw at Meg. One X (formerly Twitter) user clocked that she liked “over 100 hate tweets in one hour” about Thee Stallion confirming that Mrs. Petty clearly takes her name very seriously.

In 2022, Nicki hinted Megan Thee Stallion was the unnamed person she accused of pressuring her to drink while possibly pregnant with Papa Bear.

“Imagine telling someone you didn’t want a drink… you know, because you were, at the time, possibly pregnant, because you were actively trying to have a baby. Imagine that person saying, ‘Oh girl, you can go to the clinic!'” Nicki claimed on Queen Radio.

Megan shut down the accusations of “encouraging abortion and child endangerment with alcohol,” as a “LIE,” but there’s been smoke ever since between the baddies. It doesn’t help that Meg had a massive hit with Nicki’s nemesis, Cardi B, on “WAP.”

This feud is heating up, and so far, it seems like Megan got the last laugh.

Check out Megan Thee Stallion’s reaction that “a hit dog gon’ holler” after the flip!

Megan Thee Stallion Explains “Hiss” Warns Haters To “Back Off,” Says “A Hit Dog Gon’ Holler” After Nicki Minaj Barbie Blasts Back

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In an interview on The Breakfast Club, Megan Thee Stallion discussed her “Hiss”-terically shady new song. Early Friday morning, the “Cobra” rapper explained the snake-themed follow-up to Charlemagne.

“Basically, when a snake feels like you been playing and doing a whole bunch of swaying, it’s telling you to back off. ‘I hear you, I see you. Get up off me now.’ Basically, that’s what [the hiss] means,” she said via phone interview.

Meg confirmed that when she let the chopper sing on “Hiss,” any gender could get it. She reiterated that “b***h a** n***as” in her opening line applied to men and women who tried her, like a certain suspected Champagne Papi.

“It’s for these b***hes or these h**s, alike, men or women. ‘Everytime one of these motherf**kers use Megan Thee Stallion’s name, y’all get 24 hours of attention.’ Basically, I understand what y’all are doing and I want y’all to get up off me,” she said. “Use another tactic. This one getting old!”

When Charlemagne asked if Meg named names, she simply said, “A hit dog gon’ holler” and “whoever’s gonna feel it, feel it.”

She also appeared to respond to Nicki’s diss with a meme of herself laughing on her Instagram Story.

Did Meg get the last laugh despite Nicki’s “Big Foot” bars?

Whew, shots were definitely fired early Friday morning, and neither rapper seems to be letting up anytime soon.

What do you think of Megan Thee Stallion’s “Hiss” and Nicki Minaj’s “Big Foot” diss?

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