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A chatter causing Love & Marriage: D.C. star is dishing to BOSSIP about the explosive third season that included a tense moment at a basketball game that ended with some “sassy” shade.

Love & Marriage D.C. Ashley Silva

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Ashley Silva has been turning heads on the hit OWN series not just for her looks and witty quips, but for footage of her fallout with some of her cast members.

Love & Marriage: D.C., #LAMDC

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Dedicated #LAMDC watchers will remember when the second season of the Carlos King series ended on a Christmas cliffhanger that made them anxious to see what happened next.

Ashley and Joi Carter had a war of words at Ashley’s Christmas party after Joi walked into her home without speaking, and the offended Fun Time Moms host accused her friend Erana Tyler of taking Joi’s side. The original issue between the two stemmed from Ashley revealing that Joi was married to Clifton Pettie, whom she met on Ready To Love. 

Now watching the show in real-time, Ashley who apologized both on and off camera, told BOSSIP that seeing the drama is like opening up old wounds.

It is actually really odd watching it now because we are more than a year removed from everything that happened,” said Ashley to BOSSIP’s Managing Editor Dani Canada. “So people move on or s [but] with us, it wasn’t that. It was a straight through filming, we filmed from October to March. So everything was an ongoing thing, all of that. drama was ongoing and it is really interesting watching it back now a year later because you do kind of move on from things or things aren’t as important as they were a year ago. But to the audience, it’s fresh, it’s new. So we have to look at their their opinions and their reactions.”

Among those reactions are accusations that Ashley is “jealous” of Joi and/or jealous of her friendship with Erana, an allegation that was made on the show and one that some people on social media believe to be true.

Ashley has stated numerous times on #LAMDC that that’s not the case, including last episode when she stated that to Joi directly.

According to Ashley, the friendship jealousy accusations are absurd.

“So with the “being jealous” of her relationship with Erana—I knew nothing about this until I’m watching the show because no one ever says that to me,” said Ashley. “They say it in confessionals, they may say it to each other, but no one ever said it to me. So that was really interesting to see because the way that it’s being framed, especially by the cast members, I think Erana said something like after the Christmas party, she hadn’t talked to me; which is completely untrue–she was at my house two days later.”

She continued and told BOSSIP that her former friend Erana who she claims has “purposely done things to be petty”, previously invited her on an anniversary trip, while neglecting to mention that Mr. and Mrs. Pettie would be there.

“There’s a lot of things that weren’t filmed that you guys didn’t see,” said Ashley. “Erana and Jamie’s anniversary, I think it’s like the beginning of January. She asked me and Quik to come on their anniversary trip, which, you know, Quik, we all know Quik works crazy hours. So I was trying to make arrangements for that. And I told her, I was like, “‘We might be able to make it, but we probably can’t come the first few days.'”

Love & Marriage DC: OWN

Jamie and Erana Tyler, Source: Love & Marriage: D.C. / OWN

“I opened up my Instagram, and Joi and Clifton are there. So I’m like; ‘You didn’t plan on telling me that they were going on vacation?’ And these are all conversations that we’re having off camera that you guys don’t see. So that’s why I’m like, that is f***d up, that’s weird that you wouldn’t tell me that they were going to be there. And now watching it and she’s like, ‘Well, I haven’t talked to Ashley. And I’m like, well, you did talk to Ashley.'”

“You were at my house, she asked me to come on vacation, like all these things, but I never heard that I was jealous of her and Joi until literally two weeks ago,” she added.

“I think it bothers me so much because it’s so outlandish. I think Joi’s a pretty girl. I think my whole cast is full of pretty women. There’s nothing I feel like you have up on me in life that I want, I don’t want to be you. As far as their friendship, we all met Joi a month or so before filming. Erana has friends that I know, I really did like them, most of my friends I’ve known for 10 years, 20 years. Like, it’s not an amazing friendship that, I want–they’re not Gail and Oprah.”

Love & Marriage D.C.

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That’s not all Ashely Silva discussed however, later in the interview the #LAMDC star also dispelled accusations of being a “mean girl” and detailed why she sent “sassy” shade towards Joi’s hubby.

Ashley Silva knows you and some of her cast mates think she’s a “mean girl” and she’s issuing a response. According to the FashionAshton owner/co-founder of the Silva Linking Foundation with her husband, DJ Quicksilva, she’s not mean, just honest.

Love & Marriage D.C. Ashley Silva x DJ Quicksilva

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People really don’t like honesty on my show,” said Ashley. “We have a lot of liars on our show, and I’m not that person. I am very honest about my own faults, my own flaws. The same way I’m gonna call mine out. I’m gonna call out yours as well, most people don’t want to be called out on that crap. So when you do it, it’s like, ‘How dare you expose me for being a human being?!'”

She continued,

“I think also with our audience, they do like to pick and choose. If you stand on, ‘Well, I said this’, it’s your mean. But if I talk about you behind your back, it’s okay, which is so weird to me. [Take for] prime example, Joi, I could have waited ’til the show came on for her to see that I told Alicia she was married, but I hit her the very next day, and most people wouldn’t have done that. I think what bothers me about the mean girl thing is that I don’t do anything to try to be malicious because I could have. We are on a reality show and and the words I hate that people say on these shows are ‘tea and receipts’, I got all that too. To me that’s malicious, and that is [not] me, but if I’m telling you, I know I’ve done something to hurt you and I apologize, that’s me being direct and being honest with you.”


Elsewhere in BOSSIP’s interview with Ashley, she spoke on Joi’s husband Clifton who she called “sassy” during an encounter at a Washington Wizards game.

While in Ashely and Quick’s suite, Ashely butted heads with Joi, and when Clifton leaned Ashley’s way to join the conversation, she likened him to a “sassy b***.”

Ashley also made a similar comment during our chat while recapping Clifton saying that things could’ve been “bad or worse” had he been at the infamous Christmas party where she and Joi bumped heads.

While noting that the other husbands were only trying to diffuse the situation, she dubbed Clifton a “sassy man.”

“You guys only have met this man in a television capacity,” said Ashley. ” I’ve seen him in action, he’s a very sassy man. So I took it as he wanted to be all up in my face, he wanted, he wanted to be all up in my face, he wanted have some words with me too. He might want to step outside with me, he wanted to go toe -toe with the ‘big, bad Ash’ is what I took it as.”

She also alleged that while hosting an event for Mayor Muriel Bowser’s 2023 inauguration, she caught Clifton staring her way.

“He’s like staring at me like this, so I’m staring back,” said Ashley to BOSSIP. “And he’s staring back. It’s like, ‘Meet me outside at three o ‘clock. This happened multiple times. I’ve heard from plenty of his former cast mates from Ready To Love that he likes to go toe -to -toe with women. So I think he wanted to go toe -to -toe with me. That’s exactly what I took it as.

“So coming up, I want to say this, it’s [in] this upcoming episode. All of a sudden, he doesn’t know what my problem is with him; I think he has selective amnesia. And I think he forgot hat he said that. Him and Joi like to pretend that they are love and light, and children of the flowers on this show, but that’s not really who they are.”



Ashley also discussed her friendship with Winter, her defense of Lil Jamie from “bad kid” allegations, and much more.

Watch our chat with Ashely Silva!


Love & Marriage D.C. Exclusive Clip: Ashley Tells Erana That She’s Acting “Different” Amid Her Joi Friendship

Ahead of Saturday’s new episode, BOSSIP has an exclusive clip showcasing the looming tension between Ashley and Erana.

Love & Marriage D.C.

Source: OWN / Love & Marriage D.C.

After the ugly argument at the Wizards game, Ashley confronts Erana about abandoning her for a friendship with Joi and accuses her of “acting different.”

“I’ve been feeling like you’ve been temperature-checking to see how I am,” says Ashley. “I just think things have been different since Christmas between Erana and I,” she adds in a confessional.

“Why are we different?” asks Erana.

“You are different,” says Ashley before saying that her friend has “thrown herself” into the middle of herself and Joi.

Erana tells the cameras that she thinks Ashley might be feeling insecure because of numerous things including issues with her mom, lack of attention from her husband, or just plain jealousy over her relationship with Joi.

Uh-oh, here we go again!

Take an exclusive look below.


A new episode of Love & Marriage D.C. premieres this Saturday, February 17 at 8/7c.


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