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How YOU doing, Wendy? Following the bombshell documentary showing Wendy Williams’ health struggles, her brother says she’s showing “improvement” in a new treatment center.

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Before the mysterious demise of Wendy’s talk show, constant headlines, and court cases about the star already had everyone concerned before the latest updates on the legend’s life. Then in addition to the shocking news that Wendy suffered from dementia, Where Is Wendy Williams exposed her continued struggles with health and addiction. Despite the heartbreaking revelations, according to Us Weekly, her brother says Wendy has made much progress since filming ended.
As BOSSIP previously reported, Wendy’s care team announced a diagnosis of aphasia and frontotemporal dementia (FTD). The news came just days before Lifetime premiered the four-part series about Wendy’s comeback amid declining health. The health condition encompasses multiple cognitive disorders that affect judgment and speech.

Wendy Williams “Sounds Fine” In Treatment Center Since Filming Documentary

Tommy Williams confirmed that his sister receives care for her condition in an undisclosed treatment center. The Lifetime docuseries showed Wendy struggling to express herself. For longtime fans, it was a major departure from the quick-witted conversation they know and love. Now, one of the people who knows Wendy best claims she sounds more like herself again.

“When I speak to Wendy, she sounds fine. Wendy has improved. I know my sister from where she was to where she is now, and she has a substantial amount of improvement,” Tommy shared.
“It’s dialogue and conversation, topics, content, speech pattern, everything.”

The documentary team filmed during an obvious low point in the TV titan’s life, but Tommy says those disturbing “past behaviors” are behind Wendy.

“The past was obvious. We saw it. She was in a worse state, and the [documentary] depicted it. Now [she is in] a different state,” he continued.

Wendy spoke out about the dementia diagnosis for the first time before the film series aired. She thanked the public’s “overwhelming” support and said she needed “personal space” to thrive.
Fortunately, it sounds like Wendy receives the help she needs these days. Yet, the rest of the drama seems to continue behind the scenes. In another interview, Tommy said he “was pissed” about the new documentary.

See what Wendy Williams’ brother Tommy says about her family, entourage guardianship, and fallout from the film after the flip!

Wendy Williams’ Brother Speaks Out About Documentary, Her Legal Guardian, And Where The Family Stands Now: “I Just Want Wendy Back”

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In an interview on Banfield, Wendy Williams’ brother, Tommy Williams, spoke out more about the documentary. Where Is Wendy Williams? captured the strained relationship between Wendy, her team, the legal guardian, and her family.

Through ongoing addiction and health issues, manager Wil Selby and publicist/assistant Shawn Zanotti continued pushing Wendy’s comeback. They even flew to L.A. to pitch a new show while she struggled to launch a new podcast. Ashleigh Banfield asked Tommy what he thought of her entourage.

“I was pissed,” he said. “Yes, that was one of my rants when I was talking about trailing around and have the cameras all following her around, you know, yep. I didn’t think that she was, you know, she was furnished enough time for you know, recovery.”

“I’m not clinical, so I don’t know, you know, what was she was dealing with, and, and at that point, we were kind of in the dark. So no, it wasn’t time. What are they doing? What are you doing? Why do you have all these cameras on my sister?” he asked.

Tommy added that Wendy was also still recovering from the devastating end of her marriage and beloved talk show.

“She wasn’t in any condition to do that. It wasn’t time so you were upset with him. So I’m so glad that she didn’t do anything further,” he added.

Wil and Shawn had the most prominent presence on camera. However, they weren’t the most concerning shot-callers in Wendy’s life. She remains under a conservatorship with a legal guardian having the final say in Wendy’s finances and obligations. The guardian also reportedly approved of filming before filing a lawsuit to stop Where Is Wendy Williams? from airing.

Based on Tommy’s answer, he doesn’t seem to have a relationship or even communication with the woman controlling Wendy’s life. “The whole thing just makes me uncomfortable,” he said about Sabrina Morrissey.

“I’m hearing a lot of different things about the character [Morrissey],” he began. “The whole thing just makes me uncomfortable and I just want Wendy back and the whole family does and if Sabrina is anything dealing with, you know her or not being able to come back well then by all means, yes. I’m very uncomfortable with that position that she’s laid out for us.”

Tommy remains optimistic about her future as Wendy continues to improve and resume communication with the family. “I truly believe that it’s not over,” he said.

“I’m a firm believer and my sister, you know, when it all started, you know, I was there. And I do believe that she’s not done yet. So I appreciate the opportunity. And let’s just keep on watching and see what happened.”

Hopefully, if Wendy Williams returns to the public eye, we’ll see this substantially improved version of her living her best life in peace.

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