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If there’s one thing we all know about Kandi Burruss, it’s that she doesn’t play about her man, Todd Tucker.

The hustling duo took time to dispel rumors about an impending divorce on the yellow carpet of their Broadway revival of The Wiz. According to US Weekly, Burruss’ eldest daughter Riley alerted her to the gossip as it continued to make its internet rounds.

“Riley actually sent it to me. She was like, ‘Why do people keep saying that y’all about to get divorced?’ I was like, ‘I don’t know,’” she said on the carpet.

Though the couple vehemently denied the legitimacy of the claims, they both understood how they may have come to be. Both Kandi and Todd have YouTube pages with tons of crossover relationship content that frequently sparks debates.

The former RHOA stars cover touchy topics like plastic surgery, putting trackers on your spouse’s car and how wives often put their children before their husbands in a segment called “Todd & The Glam Squad.” The conversations often take a turn for the spicy as Kandi and Todd don’t always agree on the topic at hand. The combative energy may have led fans to believe there was trouble in the Burruss/Tucker paradise.

“We’re passionate when we go back and forth. I think people kind of mistook that to say we were angry with each other. But we’re [just] debating the topic. We’re going back and forth about this,” Burruss told the outlet. “I’ve been like that my whole life. As soon as we have a back and forth, I can walk out the room and be like, ‘OK, now what are we doing next?’ Whereas I guess to somebody that’s watching it, they are thinking that it’s more than that.”

Todd chimed in with a little more context saying,

“They’re analyzing [it like], ‘Wow, he said this.’ Or his posture.’ You know how they do. But it was just good, fun conversation and people just took it wrong. I was like, ‘We are with each other every day.’ It’s not like, ‘I haven’t seen him together. His ring isn’t on or something.’”

We all know that these two know how to work through their differences because they’re still married in spite of Mama Joyce and get to a shared bag. However, Tucker admitted that public scrutiny can be a tough pill to swallow.

“It is tough. You’re always on stage and you can’t really kind of relax out in public. But for me, I think from doing reality TV early on with her, I really don’t pay it any more. We know what’s going on.”

The pair have managed to turn their love story into a booming empire that includes TV, theater, music and restaurants. But they maintain that the key to their lasting success as husband and wife is communication.

“He’s a better communicator than I am. I’m one of those people where if I get in a mood, I kind of shut down,” Burruss said. “I don’t want to talk until I’ve completely calmed down because I’m afraid I’ll say something that I didn’t want to say and it comes off harsh. But he likes to communicate and get it all out. He really helps us get through it because we have to talk through it.”

We’re happy to hear that these divorce rumors were not a “scheme set up by Todd.”


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