LaLa and Carmelo Anthony Waiting for Baby

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LaLa and $100 million dollar basketball star Carmelo Anthony attended a dinner hosted by Jordan Brand with the cast of the Wire last night. One of the more authentic and good looking couples around. Lala looks really happy, Carmelo’s big wallet probably helps.

NYC Mayor Bloomberg says Police barrage at groom unacceptable

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Via CNN:

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg said Monday he was “deeply disturbed” by the barrage of gunfire unleashed by officers in a weekend shooting that killed Sean Bell on his wedding day. “I can tell you that it is to me unacceptable or inexplicable how you can have 50-odd shots fired,” he said. But he also defended Police Commissioner Ray Kelly in the face of calls for his resignation.

An Eazy E (RIP) and NWA moment: F*CK THE POLICE!

Alicia Keys Shows up On the Couch

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Why is Alicia Keys laying on her back and looking like she is going to work on herself? This is a press photo for her new movie Smoking Aces which also stars Common. To check out the trailer,click here.

Katrina Survivors Resell Gift House in Tennessee for Profit

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SMH. At least live in the house for a month or so before you go cash out. SMH@”take it up with God”.

Foxy Brown Booted Off Radio Show, Confirms She is Off Defjam

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Via Page SIX:

After continuing to insist she was “signed to Jay,” but refusing to explain further, the surly rapper finally erupted: “See, what people don’t know is that I initiated leaving Def Jam. They didn’t drop me, they could never drop me. I am a multiplatinum artist.” Egypt then tried to quiz Brown about her conviction for assaulting a manicurist. “I am not getting into what took place in the nail salon because it was an unfortunate incident that I learned from,” Brown snapped. “But you contacted me to talk about these things,” Egypt shot back. “This is your opportunity, your platform to set the record straight. You have to admit that people say you are hard to work with and have a bad attitude.” When Ashy tried to pick up the questioning, Brown roiled, “I am not answering you. You are disrespectful.” She then berated Egypt, “I told you when I called you what type of questions I wanted for my interview.” Egypt finally commanded, “Foxy, you leave the room . . . this interview is over.”

Car accidents, fights, court hearings, being dropped from your record label, being kicked off a radio show,etc. Just a normal day for Foxxy Brown. SMH@ “They didn’t drop me, they could never drop me. I am a multiplatinum artist.” Multiplatinum artists get dropped too, especially when they haven’t had a hit in almost a decade. To listen to the audio of Foxy getting the boot, click here.

Ruben Studdard: Burger King’s Veggie Burger is off the chain

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Why He Became a Vegetarian:

“I actually came home, and there was a little brochure in my hometown paper — I ain’t never told nobody this — but it was a thing about cleaning up your temple. I think it was like a Seventh Day Adventist magazine, and they were talking about ‘try vegetarian.’ I went online that day, and I just started reading little things from different vegetarians, and it was so much easier than I thought it would be, so I decided to try it.”

His Favorite Veggie Snacks:

“My favorite dish is from PF Chang’s — the Buddha’s Feast. It’s hands-down my favorite dish. And the tofu lettuce wraps. McDonald’s has a veggie burger now. It’s not as good as Burger King. Burger King’s veggie burger is off the chain.”

Now maybe when they put his ass in a video with good looking women it can look almost believable. Definitely a good move for Ruben coming after the passing of Gerald Levert, RIP.


The Fat Girls Are Back: Ciara’s ‘Promise’ Meets Celebrity Fit Club

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Not even playing around, these girls need to be using that free time doing hard core exercise, some female Big Pun’s in the making. SMH. This is a step in the right direction. Spotted at Crunk and Disorderly.

RIP Buffy (‘The Human Beat Box’ on far left in pic) who died of a heart attack at 28 weighing 450 lbs.

Junior Backyard Fight: Parents Arrested

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SMH, your kids are not attack pitbulls. A damn shame, SMH. All those adults in the backyard and no one has anything to say about this savage stuff? Apparently, some FUBU is arranging kid fights in Florida and posting child fight videos around the net. SMH. For those at work, may want to turn down the volume a little or bust out the headphones.

“One of the witnesses told me this is how they learn to fight, how they learn to be tough on the street ,” said Detective Joe Bross of the St. Petersburg police.A witness told police that the boys didn’t want to fight, but the adults made them. A 17-year-old girl also was arrested in the case, authorities said.

Rick Fox on Sharon Stone: As for romance defined by Hollywood standards, that would be reaching

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Via People Magazine:

“I think we all should be so lucky and fortunate to be in a romance with Sharon Stone,” Fox, 37, told PEOPLE at the seventh annual Make-a-Wish Foundation Wish Night gala on Friday in Beverly Hills. “We’ve been friends for a number of years and continue to enjoy each other’s company when we get together. She’s quite the busy woman. We share the same agent, we share a best friend. I’ve got to say I enjoy her company. As for romance defined by Hollywood standards, that would be reaching.” He would like to be in a relationship, he said: ….”I’m trying to get this dating thing right, but I’m trying to find someone in my life that I can settle down and have a romance with.”

In so many words, Rick Fox is saying he is bangin Sharon Stone but it’s just not a developed Hollyweird romance. LMAO@”As for romance defined by Hollywood standards”. If Sharon Stone isn’t spreading them legs in Hollyweird, no one is.

Blu Cantrell Feeling Eric Benet’s "Femininity"

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Day & Night Party – Arrivals
November 19, 2006 – Hollywood and Highland
Hollywood, California United States

Best Buy Celebrates the Launch of the New Playstation 3 Blu Cantrell, Eric Benet, Blair Underwood and Roger Cross 11/16

They might actually work if they really are a couple. Blu is into chicks–Eric pretty much looks like a chick.

Remember this from AllHipHop:I personally got hit up by none other than Ms. Hit ‘Em Up Style. That’s right – Ms. Blu Cantrell. So, she wanted to make it perfectly clear that my rumor was wrong; she is not involved with that guy named Matt Dallas. She told illseed, “I just thought I’d hit you up and set your boy’s rumor straight: Matt Dallas and I are NOT dating for the simple fact that I’m not interested in men.” As one rumor gets cleared up, another is created. If she isn’t interested in men, who is she interested in? Hmmm…

That might just be the type of woman Eric needs for that “sex addiction”, they’ll be scheming on broads collectively as a couple. How romantic.

Omar Epps Talks Keisha in People Magazine’s ‘Sexiest’ Issue

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Omar profiled in the recent issue of People’s Sexiest Man Alive issue where George Clooney was crowned. Omar currently stars on the show Fox’s House.

Omar with his wife Keisha Spivey formerly of R&B group Total.

He says he feels sexiest when:

“We’re going out and my wife gives me that look like, “you’re going to get(some) when we get home.”

Mariah Carey Shows Off Her Rack and Backs to the Kids

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Mimi may want to wear a little something more formal for a gala honoring Make a Wish Foundation supporters. SMH at the kiddy sponsors in the background, Mattel, Disney, etc.

Teenage boy at event: I have a wish Mariah, let me tell it to you in your ear.

40 Cal Ft. JR Writer (Dipset)-Runnin This Rap Sh*t

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40 Cal got into a scrap with Loon formerly of Badboy back in August and now is dropping the first video for his new album. Spotted at smartenupnas.

Ashanti and Nelly Going Strong, Sorry Irv

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Ashanti, after messing around with Irv Gotti on the low seems to have found a solid relationship with Nelly. They were spotted at Tao’s 6th Anniversary in Las Vegas Friday night which was hosted by Nick Cannon. Bossip was the first to break that Nick is currently seeing the beautiful actress/model Joy Bryant last week.

What happened to the bangin Dominican model that Kimora reportedly was about to beat down for dating Russell Simmons? She has been spotted with club Tao owner Noah Tepperberg a lot this year and was spotted with Noah at the Tao party Friday night. Her myspace says she is single so who knows what type of deal is going on here. Russell may have been beat out by a chubby club owner/promoter who is losing his hair while in his early 30’s. SMH, step your game up old man Russell.

Rumor Control: Janet Pregnant with JD’s Baby

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Rumors going around that Janet is pregnant and just canceled her world tour. This is not confirmed but will probably have something more concrete later in the day.


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