Heidi Fleiss Putting Mike Tyson on Track: To Start Turning Tricks as Male Escort in Las Vegas for Money

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Via All Headline News:

It’s confirmed: Mike Tyson will soon be making his grand entrance at Hollywood’s Heidi Fless’ brothel for women in Nevada.

Although the thought of the convicted rapist seducing his clients is rather disturbing, the former boxer is set to work his kinky magic as a male escort. Legendary Heidi – who at one point had a prostitution ring with celebrity clients – recently bought 60 acres of land in the state where the former heavyweight world champion plans to “get it on.” Quite comical but true, Heidi’s Stud Farm is set to be Tyson’s new paradise island.The Hollywood Madam says she’s excited about the 40-year-old working for her – and the ladies – since he’s every woman’s dream man.

SMH. Time for a new pimp, from Don King to Heidi Fleiss. Pic ganked from Juicy-News.

Since Plastic is in: Those Victoria Secret Hoes Need Some Butt Implants

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RUFF, RUFF, RUFF, A DOG IS PEEING ON MY LEG. Justin Timberlake performing at the Victoria Secret fashion show last night.

I would think models with some ass would look good in lingerie. It’s like Victoria Secret has a requirement that you can’t have any ass to roll with them. Look at this sloppy looking ass. Since plastic is in-in Hollyweird, where are those ass implants? Fake noses, lips, rack, what about ass?

Not Necessarily a Video Vixen, but Video Dancer to Play Aaliyah in Movie

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Via whatspoppin.net:

For About 1-2 years there’s been talk of a movie about Aaliyah’s life. At first Meagan Good was supposed to play her role but now Destiny Lightsy steps into the spotlight. Destiny Lightsy is the background dancer of Ciara and has been the leading lady in Usher’s “Yeah” video. Now rumours say that she’s supposed to play Aaliyah in the “upcoming” movie. She even dressed up like Aaliyah in the “We need a resolution” video with the exact black nails, red lips, hair cut, dress etc. Those rumours are true and Destiny Lightsy is going to play Aaliyah.

Destiny Lightsy seems like a great candidate for the Aaliyah role, unsure of Meagan Goode’s dancing skills, but this girl can dance her ass off. I am a big Aaliyah fan and would hate for her to be played by someone who could not dance. Remember Destiny in Chris Brown’s “Run It” video:More photos also from whatspoppin.net

A blast from the past….I used to LOVE this video, I think I still know all the dances, LOL!

Hopefully, Destiny’s acting skills are as good as her dancing skills. Definitely looking forward to seeing this movie. Aaliyah RIP.

Syphilis Girl: Nelly Furtado MadTV Parody

LMAO@the fake Timberland.

Grey’s Anatomy’s Ellen Pompeo Is Engaged to Mandigo

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Via People Magazine:

Grey’s Anatomy star Ellen Pompeo and her boyfriend, record producer Chris Ivery, are engaged, PEOPLE has confirmed. Ivery proposed to Pompeo on Friday, her 37th birthday, after breakfast at home. “She was surprised and thrilled,” the actress’s rep tells PEOPLE. Ivery presented Pompeo with a 3.5-carat emerald-cut diamond in a platinum setting from jewelry designer Tacori.

Pompeo and Ivery, 37, both Boston-area natives, grew up minutes away from each other, but didn’t meet until pals introduced them in Los Angeles in 2003. They didn’t start dating right away. “We were friends for six months; then one night she just looked different to me,” Ivery told PEOPLE in October. Their relationship is laid-back. “We had a great day yesterday,” Pompeo told PEOPLE. “We walked on the beach, then we came home, took a shower and went out for sushi. Then we laid on the couch with the dogs and watched TV.”

She probably left out something on the last part. Just a guess.

Rewind The Track: Hollywood Shuffle, Black Acting 101 Clip

Gerald Levert Dies from Heart Attack at the Age of 40, RIP

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Gerald Levert died of a heart attack last night and we send our prayers and best wishes out to the talented Levert Family.

Here is a video from Gerald Levert singing with his brothers Sean and Marc in the group Levert, “Baby I’m Ready”.

Shar Jackson on K-Fraud: He has become almost a national joke

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Via US Weekly

“I don’t know what their situation is or why he wants to get custody of his children other than the fact that he loves them,” Jackson told Inside Edition. “Maybe, it goes deeper than that. Maybe it’s because of all the press about her mothering.” When IE asked why the public seems to be delighting in the couple’s split, Jackson responded, “I think part of it is because whether you know him or not, he has become almost a national joke.”

Shar Jackson who was put on the Britney Spears payroll from the jump knows exactly why he is seeking custody of those kids. The same reason she has not dissed Britney Spears. “Almost a Joke”? I think this would go in the CERTIFIED joke column.


FILL IN THE BLANK: Blu Cantrell and her guest last night are_______________.

RIP Ed Bradley of 60 Minutes: Dies of Leukemia at 65

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Via TMZ:

Legendary CBS newsman Ed Bradley passed away earlier this morning at the age of 65.
Sources connected with CBS tell TMZ that several days ago, as a result of leukemia, doctors removed Bradley’s spleen and subsequently his body shut down. Bradley, who won 19 Emmys during his 25-year stint with “60 Minutes,” had been ill for some time and underwent heart surgery about a year ago.

Snoop Doog Feat. R Kelly-That’s That Video

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R Kelly: I am sweating worrying about all these pedophilia cases, like “THATS THAT”. If you’re 13 years old and want to get your salad tossed, it’s like THATS THAT”.

The video is pretty cool. Very R Kelly, like I seen this before. Video spotted at Crunk and Disorderly.

Uncle Tom Bill Cosby Should STFU: Settles Suit Over Drugging Woman for Sex

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I guess Bill Cosby likes to drug white women and have his perverted way with them. Previously, Cosby admitted to giving a Canadian woman a sleeping pill but denied having sex with her. Now, Cosby reportedly settled a lawsuit with this woman over him drugging her and soaking up her panties while she was unconscious. A dozen other women have come forward claiming Cosby put his “Pudding Pop” in them after he drugged them.

Here is lawyer Tamara Green, one of the other dozen women who have previously come forward alleging Cosby drugged her. For her spill,click here. I guess she is next in line to hit up Cosby’s pockets. The other women are likely to light up his pockets.

A Bill, although some of the stuff you say is true and all “13” of these women may be lying about you sexually abusing them, but next time your rich ass tries to ride against some struggling project kid for getting caught up and making mistakes in the hood, think about some of your illegitmate children and adventures drugging women for sex. Unfortunately, they can’t get million dollar attorneys to fight their cases and their single parent mothers have to work during the day.

Lala’s Rock and Smiles

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LaLa to Lisa Salzer: Yeah girl, you want to take another look at my rock? I am set for life with this baby, you better get you a $100 million dollar basketball player, getting pregnant quick is the best strategy. I have my way with Carmelo’s pockets, make sure he is young too!

Wentworth Miller: They Caught Me Checking Bossip!

Wentworth Miller from Prison Break was recently caught googling himself at a LA Kinkos. SMH at his shady look, like he is doing something wrong. No word on whether his searches were about loose rumors of him being gay. For more on his trip to Kinkos, click here.

Kick Virginia Senator George Allen Out of Office Today

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I know, politicians suck, they lie, they steal, they lie and steal….. But if you live in Virginia or have family/friends in Virginia, make sure you get a vote out today and vote this bastard out of office . What the hell is “MaCaca”, didn’t this idiot know he was being videotaped using such a slur? Click here for more on George Allen. “MaCaca” means an Asian monkey. To find your nearest polling place, Click here.

Nelly Furtado: Say It Right

Does Timberland require he makes an appearance in every video he produces? Most of the time it is like what is the point? The song has a chill sound to it, video leaves something to be desired. Timberland has to be making some big paper with his hands on everything coming out. Timberland seems to give off that non-threatening, “I only want to be friends” vibe in his videos with Furtado. Video spotted at Concrete Loop.

The Game dropped the One Blood remix with like 25 artists spittin on the track. Click here to listen.


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