Remy MA Rides on Missy for Winning 2006 BET Award

Remy Ma’s spill is tight as hell but she needs to lean back. Missy’s originality and creativity would wrap her flow in a choke hold.

Cassie’s Talent "Got a Long Way To Go": Still Looking Good Though

Seeing her bomb looking ass is still worth enduring her “shaky” and suspect talent.

My Milk of Magnesia

Ron Artest’s Baby Mama Drama

Artest makes a play for custody of his son (NY Daily News)

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We all know about Ron and his infamous brawl between his former team the Indiana Pacers and the Detroit Pistons, but now the NBA star is having his own conflict with the mother of his first child. According the NY Daily News, Artest is fighting in family court for full custody of his youngest son Jeron.

Sources say this comes after his former girlfriend, Jennifer Palma, refused sex with him even though he is married with three children. After this incident he cut her $2,800 a month housing support and took his case to court. Where by the way he was representing himself, must be feeling the 5 million dollar loss from his suspension. Well the morale of this story is don’t say no to Ron Arrtest.

DMX to Jay-Z : Real Men Don’t Wear Flip Flops, Jay is a Sucker for Love

Camron, now DMX is riding on Jay-Z for wearing flip flops. According to Vibe Magazine X says real men don’t wear sandals and blames Beyonce for Jay-Z’s feminine appetite for flip flops.

“The flip flops-he’s just not the same,” X tells the magazine. It’s Beyonce. He’s a sucker for love. Thugs don’t wear flip flops. Yo, no matter how much vacation I’m on – we been to St. Thomas, Bahamas, all the little islands – I don’t wear no flip-flops. I’m never that comfortable, not even in my own house.”

X, get off the crack, Jay-Z pushing 40 is not going around trying to rep thug life if you haven’t noticed the suits and new steez-see below.

However, wearing open toe flip flops is soft as a baby’s bottom. Hard to get a pass on that one. Is X hating on the CEO of Hip-Hop? X, comparing your vacations to a Jay-Z vacation is like comparing the Compton Swapmeet to the Mall of America. Doesn’t look like X is tall enough to even reach Jay-Z with a jab anymore. Keep trying X.

White Kid Blood Walking

The fine education and culture the kids are learning online these days. Scroll down to find out who he/she bit this off via youtube.

Bangin in "Fubu Rock": Piru Style

Bloods from what appears to be the Northeast (definitely not from Cali) B walking and flowing. SMH@the blood girls green pants and long ass shirt. Video is “bangin”, third dude who looks like Havoc comes off on his flow.

Fat Joe Looking Sick Grubbing on the Kernel

Looks like Fat Joe wants to be as big as Pun, RIP.

Jay-Z Denied Entry Into Elite London Club

Your not the only one being denied entry into Bungalow 8, 40/40, Butter, Tao, Pure, Mansion, Prive, or any other exclusive club. Jay-Z was recently denied entry into uber-elite club Karbaret Prophecy in London. According to Britain’s Daily Mirror, the British GQ Man of The Year and CEO of Def Jam was dissed after showing up with an entourage of 15. The club refused to give Jay-Z a table. Rather than begging like some clowns and self-respect-less people do, Jay-z took an L and left.

According to an anonymous source at the Mirror, “Jay-Z turned up just before 2. He was keen to party and rushed down the stairs to look for a table followed by his management and a gaggle of girls.” Jay-z pic cyber-jacked from Concrete Loop

Beyonce riding the B train headed to Macy’s Herald Square on 34th street in Manhattan for a CD signing.

Flavor of Love 2 Highlight: Can’t We Just All Get Along?

“This isn’t the ghetto, this isn’t the streets of Compton” ….”I was just trying to stand for myself”

“I said 54th and Crenshaw”

Break Yourself: Pimp Gets Clocked on Tape

LMAO@ at the announcer saying “her boss, her employer”. “Jay Lee” f*cks this dude up pretty bad with one slap. A broke pimp appears to be no match for “Jay Lee”, whats up with these literal “captain save a ho” dudes roaming the streets fighting crime with their bare hands. smh.

Fake Couples Take Over Radio City: Fashion Rocks Concert Pics

Still playing the role as a couple. They are used to it. The more they play nice together so good the more people wonder how long they were faking it.

The beards were out in force last night. Kanye and his new fiancee Alexis.

Timberland looking “awkward” with Nelly Furtado.

Whitney Battles Crack Rock In Cartoon


Posted By Royda Hoodia

Recently the website posted a cartoon of Whitney battling a crack rock! Houston’s company replied: “There is no truth to the fact . . . that [Houston] has done any illegal substances as you suggest . . . It is not right that you are trying to tarnish the image of one of the most popular singers of all time. Please remove this immediately or else.” Well you be the judge check out the cartoon for yourself: Whitney vs. Crack

Kelly Rowland Looking Good at the US Open

Kelly: Damn this new weave itches. Kelly supporting her girl Serena at the US Open.

Thank you Jesus! Lala (MTV),Kelly, and Venus.

Kelly looking real good here with a new look.