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Crooked Smile


Gaps, chipped teeth, missing fangs, and all. Here’s a list of celebrities smiles that went from crooked to pearly and perfect.

  1. Fetty Wap – We all know that a person’s teeth can make or break their entire appearance, so a good set of “pearly whites” can make you look like a completely different person. Fetty Wap reportedly dropped  $80,000 to get his teeth done.

After Fetty Wap stormed on to the rap scene with his hot Billboard 100 chart-topping classics  “My Way” and “Trap Queen” in 2015, it felt like we didn’t hear any more music from the rapper. Seems like he’s still active in the music game. Back in June, he dropped a new single called “Pretty Thang” that features his signature R&B vocals.  Hope we can expect to hear more music from the New Jersey native.




 2. Nelly –  Nelly had “Grillz” similar to Jerome from Martin until he got his teeth fixed, now he’s a full fledged Playa from the Himalayas. With the success of “Husbands of Hollywood”, he has more reasons to smile now.

Nelly’s iconic album Country Grammar  just celebrated its 20th’s anniversary back in June. It catapulted his claim to fame with its release on June 27th of 2000. It also carved a huge lane for other St. Louis Rappers who undeniably churned out a range of viral classics in the 2000’s like J-Kwon’s “Tipsy”, Huey’s “Pop, Lock & Drop It” and “Chain Hang Low” by Jibbs.  It was an incredible time for music, without question!


3. 50 Cent – 50 showed us there’s “Power” in a new set of chompers. The Jamaica Queens rapper practically became a successful business man and television producer overnight, so it’s only right he got a smile to match his bank account.

50 cent continues to flourish with his multiple business ventures too. Power ran for an incredible six- seasons on Starz and the rapper made millions from the TV drama series as a co-star and executive producer from 2014 to 2019.  He partnered up with Effen Vodka to bring a line of unique flavors and tastes to the brand and in 2018, he inked a major deal with Branson Cognac too.


4.T.I. Southern Rap legend T.I. became “King of the Mouf” when he dropped a reported $50,000 on correcting his teeth. He traded in the gold for porcelain, and we’re loving the look.



 5. Kid Cudi-  Kid Cudi went from “Can I have your number?..” to “New Phone, Who Dis?..” after he purchased a whole new set of veneers for his acting career. His smile is guaranteed to light up any red carpet.

Those pearly whites have sent Cudi into a frenzy of dropping new music and debuting his acting chops. Eminem and Cudi teamed up in July to premiere  a new song called “The Adventures Of Moon Man and Slim.” The rapper is also expected to star in Takashi Murakami’s new animated show Kids See Ghosts, which is inspired by him and Kanye West’s 2018 collaborative album. The moon man also snagged a role in the HBO series We Are Who We Are.



6. Young Thug – Thugga is arguably one of the hottest rappers in he game, and it looked like his breath was even hotter before he made it rain about $70,000 on the dentist to get a new set of perfect teeth. Thug probably has the greatest Glo-up of all of our favorite rappers, his new smile gives him a whole new swag. The rapper just recently celebrated his birthday in mid-August with friends and was gifted 100K in pure cash by his partner in crime and YSL labelmate, Gunna.  It’s crazy what a new pair of teeth can do for your confidence and overall lifestyle!




Since upgrading his grillz, Young Thug has been dropping hits left and right. The release of his debut studio album So Much Fun in 2019 landed him a number one spot on the Billboard charts and went certified platinum.

  7. Cardi B

“Got a bag and fixed my teeth/hope you h*es know it ain’t cheap.” And cheap it was not. According to BET, Cardi B’s dentist told her it would cost a whopping $40k just to fix her rainbow teeth into a gleaming perfect masterpiece. It turns out a Black woman by the name of Dr. Catrise Austin of The Smilist Dental in New York City was the pair of hands responsible for fixing Cardi’s grill and several A-listers too.


It’s been incredible to watch the “The Bodak Yellow” rapper rise to the top since transforming her crooked smile. She’s gone on to win a Grammy for her top-charting album Invasion Of Privacy and Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion recently broke the internet with their salacious cake clapping new video “WAP.” Cardi recently revealed she’d be joining OnlyFans to gives fans a closer look into her life too.

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8. Danny Brown  – Danny Brown had some really bad teeth, and we mean BAD. The Detroit rapper was notoriously known for his gap-toothed grin, crazy lyricism, and hilarious personality. Apparently, Danny’s teeth were damaged while riding his bike as a kid. A reenactment is actually played out in his music video for the track ‘Grown Up.”  In 2017, the Detroit native decided to do some adulting of his own when he finally got his chompers fixed with a new set of veneers.

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I’m really crying in this pic

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Danny went from ashy to classy real quick and is now killing it with his new smile. Last year the rapper blessed us with a new project too called U Know What I’m Saying? which featured his stand out single “3 Tearz,” alongside Run The Jewels. The album shows off a more refined side of Danny, a guy that’s presumably gotten his life together and has left behind his drug-filled antics and sexually explicit rapping as a thing of the past.  In an interview with DAZED last year, Brown revealed that he feels a lot happier settling into this mature role:

 “I don’t like being put in a box (as a drug rapper), so I wanted to tone down the drug content and the sexual content. We weren’t gonna have the high pitched voice that’s all crazy either. This one was about stripping away everything that Danny Brown is and to see if I am still dope.”

Danny continued:

“Drugs have affected my life since I was born, in terms of my family being addicted to them right up to my family selling them and me being able to take care of myself from drug money. Drugs will always be a theme of my albums, but on this one I am talking more about hustling than actually taking them. I want to show people you can make it out of being caught up in them and come out winning. I am an OG now. People call me Uncle Danny, so whenever I speak to someone new, I try to leave them with some kind of jewel of advice. I want to lead by example.”


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