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Kenya ‘White Chicks’ Clashes With NeNe During #RHOAReunion, Says SOMEONE’s Receipts Are ‘Fake’

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Bravo’s first-ever Zoom meeting melee went down during the #RHOAReunion and an unexpected shade assassin dominated the conversation. Porsha Williams was on fire for the virtual face-off and she ripped into Eva Marcille for saying that her daughter Pilar Jhena looks like Porsha’s fiance/baby’s father Dennis McKinley “with a bow.”
According to Porsha that was “the most low-down thing possible” and she’ll never forgive Eva (or her social distancing titties) for it. She also threatened to “virtually whoop her a**.”

Still, Porsha wasn’t the only one who came equipped with reads.

Kenya Moore, of course, came ready to battle and she ripped into NeNe Leakes. When Andy brought up NeNe’s allegation that Kenya didn’t use her own egg, only her husband Mark’s sperm, to conceive baby Brooklyn, Kenya read her for filth.

“She does look like Mark,” said Kenya about her daughter. “But we know one thing her [NeNe’s] kids are her kids because they look exactly like her.

“You over there looking like a white woman in drag,” she told her, “I don’t know if I’m looking at the Real Housewives reunion or a scene from ‘White Chicks.'”


Things also got heated when Kenya brought up the receipts she’d been teasing for weeks. According to Kenya THREE YEARS AGO, Porsha’s “fake friend” NeNe plotted behind her back and called her and Cynthia to ask, “What are we gonna do about this?” after Porsha was cast on “Celebrity Apprentice.”

Still, fans wondered why Kenya’s receipts were ANCIENT so dated so the receipts didn’t quite land.


What did land however was a moment where Porsha produced receipts of her own and accused Kenya of dissing Cynthia; hit the flip.

Porsha alleged that she has a text from Kenya plotting against her good girlfriend Cynthia. Porsha refused to read the text out loud but said it was something along the lines of “she’s gonna get her a** … trust her days are numbered.”

Andy Cohen and Cynthia Bailey were sent the text and Kenya told Porsha she should just send it to the entire group.

According to Kenya, she has nothing to hide and Porsha’s receipt is “fake.”

“LOL the receipt is fake. You’ll see next episode. I’ve never dogged Cynthia out to Porsha,” said Kenya.


Several fans also doubted the validity of the receipt noting that it’s far fetched that Kenya would diss her friend to Porsha.

Did YOU watch part 1 of the virtual #RHOAReunion??? See more of the drama on the flip.

Kenya agreed with a fan who said that NeNe’s using Porsha as a pawn and noted that Kenya kept things cordial between them this season.

“Porsha stays being a pawn♟ . Like Wendy says, she’s “less than smart” #RHOA She’s coming for Kenya for Nene. It’s clear. Because Kenya didn’t come for Porsha ONCE this season.”

If you care, NeNe also sarcastically confirmed that she writes down and rehearses her reads.

“YES my reads are written down and rehearsed! REMEMBER I’m elderly, menopausal and have nooooo f**** memory!” said NeNe.

Kenya also wondered like a number of other people why Porsha was so bothered by Eva saying her daughter looks like her dad.

“Nene has said it her mom has said and sister has said it… I’m not sure why that’s upsetting #RHOAReunion,” wrote Kenya.

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