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Fertile Future was back at it again with the toxic shenanigans–this time, unleashing a venomous tweetstorm (aimed at his newest baby mama Eliza Reign?) that sent Twitter spiraling into the messy abyss on the eve of Memorial Day Weekend.

Now, we have no idea who Future was actually addressing (or calling ugly) but it’s safe to assume he was firing shots at Eliza who recently scored big against him in court.

And this comes just a week after he soared to #1 with his latest album “High Off Life” that doesn’t quite reflect his current mindset based on the last few tweetstorms.

Peep the Twitter hysteria over Future’s toxic tweetstorm on the flip.

“Love it when future tweets like this” – a rare treat for the savages

“me liking all the toxic future tweets even though i’m off the streets” – we’re sure you’re not alone

“the replies to future’s tweets are the FUNNIEST shit i can’t” – the Future Hive is HILARIOUS

“She still beat” – haaaaaaaaaaa

“This is who future had the nerve to call ugly?” – she’s definitely NOT ugly at all

“n*ggas be under future tweets like “period sis” – pettyyyyyy

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“the rest of future BMs heading to the courthouse to get that child support judgement updated” – you know it

“n*ggas about to spend the rest of the day in the dms apologizing for future tweets while he’s getting back rubs from Lori. I hate it here” – we hope no one is really out here apologizing on behalf of Future because…

“Future tweeting like he got curved in the DM’s, lemme go play High Off Life.” – that’s all you can really do, at this point

“Something about future tweeting about ugly b*tches in regards to Eliza reign don’t sit well with my spirit” – yea it was bit much

“Future had a two-year sexual relationship with Eliza which resulted in a pregnancy. Now she’s ugly and a clout chaser” – Future is cold-blooded


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