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The finale of The Real Housewives of Potomac reunion included an apology, a very frustrated father not letting up on an alleged plot, and an unneeded security guard.

The Real Housewives of Potomac - Season 5

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Monique Samuels’ husband Chris Samuels came in hot and immediately wanted to discuss that alleged paternity plot rumor that he and his wife Monique Samuels say was fueled by Gizelle Bryant.

The Real Housewives of Potomac - Season 5

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As previously reported Monique claimed that Robyn Dixon, Gizelle Bryant, Candiace Dillard, and a “few other people”  had dinner after Andy Cohen’s baby shower to “plot” on her. Allegedly during the sitdown, Gizelle was adamant that she wanted to bring up a rumor that Monique cheated on her husband and her youngest son wasn’t his and was actually the child of her personal trainer. Gizelle and the rest of the housewives have since said that there “was no plot” and said they were just having a conversation about the gossip. Robyn Dixon also confirmed to BOSSIP directly that no such “plot” ever happened.

Chris Samuels STILL isn’t buying it however and during part III of the reunion, he asked Gizelle about it directly. During the tense moment, Gizelle defended herself and hinted that she thought it was part of the Samuels’ season 5 storyline.

“Has anybody brought it up on this show? Gizelle?” asked Chris.

“Don’t f***** talk to me ever,” responded Gizelle. “The end. When I went to your house, he says on camera; ‘The baby looks like me, doesn’t it?’

(A clip then rolls of Chris saying that his son Chase looks just like him)

“After that, I thought it was part of their personal story so I said, ‘Okay, they’re talking about the trainer!'”

(A clip then rolled of Gizelle bringing up the paternity rumors “that the entire streets of Potomac heard” on camera to Robyn Dixon)

“They brought it up, I didn’t bring it up! Yo a** brought it up, the only person that brought it up was you, the end.”

During the reunion, Chris Samuels also apologized to Gizelle and Robyn for some heated comments he made during an Instagram Live. In case you missed that, Monique’s husband said he wished he could “turn into Bruce Jenner” [Caitlyn Jenner’s dead name] so he could “slap them.”

“Y’all some dirty tricks, I don’t fool with y’all, I’m not gonna play this game. I wish I could turn into Bruce Jenner and slap the s*** out all y’all. I respect ‘y’alls families and y’all babies. Y’all some dirty people. Putting my baby in it?! Y’all lucky that I’m a man because I would stomp the s*** outta y’all. Y’all keep taking the gloves off with me then I’m gonna take em off back. It’s foul, I don’t appreciate it.”

He admitted during the reunion that the comments were in poor taste but he did NOT let up on bringing up the hurtful allegations. Chris “And Anotha Thing” Samuels gave Robyn and Gizelle hell throughout the entire reunion.

Chris did not however try to attack Gizelle and Robyn Dixon as previously alleged by Gizelle’s comrade Jamal Bryant. Still, Gizelle had a bodyguard nearby because she claimed she felt unsafe following the former NFL player’s comments and asked the guard to “make Chris sit down” during a heated discussion with Candiace Dillard’s husband Chris Bassett. The bodyguard stood idly by and just watched.

There was also a moment where Monique FINALLY apologized to Candiace Dillard for their Cabernet combat. Mo explained that Candiace putting her finger in her face was a trigger from childhood trauma. Candiace acknowledged that but still took issue with Monique releasing her song “Drag Queens” which sounds a LOT like she’s making light of their dustup.

Monique said however that that was untrue.

As previously reported after the #RHOP Reunion aired, Monique said she was quitting show and won’t return for season 6.

Do YOU believe her? Or are you still holding out hope???

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What did YOU think about the #RHOP season 5 reunion???


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