Falynn Says Simon Gave Her 15 Days To Move Out

Falynn Says Her Mutual Friends With Simon ‘Shunned Her’, Succinctly Shuts Down Cheating Claims With THIS

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Falynn Pina is speaking out again on her estranged husband. After burning up timelines with a recent interview on Simon Guobadia’s engagement to Porsha Williams, Falynn is dishing on what was really going down behind the scenes in the midst of the scandal.

The socialite did a lengthy interview with YouTuber Tisa Tells and spoke on a number of topics including her prenup, the timeline of events, and the aftermath of this #RHOA related drama.

She also confirmed the REAL reason why she couldn’t possibly be pregnant with her bestie/boo Jaylan Banks’ baby. Apparently, during the time period when Simon alleged that Falynn and Jaylan were creeping behind his back, Jaylan was in jail. Can’t get pregnant if the man is incarcerated, right?


Tisa Tells broke the jail news during the interview and Falynn confirmed that it was true.

Tisa Tells: “There was a time frame between March 23 and April 23 when Jaylan could not have been around. Jaylan was actually incarcerated from March 23 to April 23, all the time that Simon was saying that Jaylan was doing the lombada with Falynn, he [Jaylan] wasn’t even around. He was arrested for a previous incident that happened in his teenage years. How did it make you feel that someone was dragging your name up and down the street for something that was physically impossible to do?”

Falynn: “Honestly, it sucks, it’s hurtful, you never know who you were with until you’re no longer together. That came true with all of this, I honestly felt more sorry for Jaylan because he has’t even really been able to defend himself. He’s been very quiet and essentially, I’m not the only person that Simon has been trying to drag. It just really sucked that I’m the cause of that in someone’s life.”

Also in the interview when asked about the aftermath of the Porsha/Simon scandal, Falynn revealed that several of her mutual friends with Simon have completely shut her out.

“Some of my family we got stronger, some of my family don’t talk to me at all,” Falynn told Tisa Tells. “The friends—I still have my little click of friends, I only have two friends but the well-known associates, everyone who knew Simon and I as a married couple, our mutual friends, our married friends, everybody has pretty much shunned me and believed every single word that’s come out of Simon’s mouth.”


She also shared that despite her prenup stating that she had 30 days to vacate the marital home that she personally designed from the ground up, Simon pushed for her to leave in 15 days.

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During her interview with Tisa Tells , Falynn said at one point their therapist “begged” Simon to not rush his estranged wife out of their house.


“I actually had 15 days to leave the house, it’s stated in my prenup that I have 30 days to vacate,” Falynn told Tisa Tells. “Simon was fighting for me to leave sooner than that. The problem with that was I didn’t have the best of credit, I didn’t know to fix my credit like that while I was married, that was my fault. It was gonna be hard for me to find a place in 15 days and I was really stressed out. The therapist ended up getting involved and begging Simon to give me more time.”

“I’m not legally savvy, I was so stressed out that I didn’t even know what my options were,” she added. “My attorney was trying to do the best he could but guess who has to pay her own attorney’s fees? Me. He was pushing me into a corner, it got to a point where the therapist was begging him pretty much to not leave me out there.”


Falynn also added that Simon eventually moved her into a townhouse and he paid the rent for the year upfront. She’s since improved her credit, moved out, and is paying for a separate place on her own.

“I didn’t want to be attached to that place anymore,” sai Falynn. “I left the money I never asked for the money back that Simon paid up for a year. I just left.”

Falynn also alleged that Simon hinted that he’d spread rumors that she was cheating with Jaylan Banks after Falynn posted her statement saying that she was “focused on her healing” following the Porsha/Simon engagement news. Remember that video of Jaylan “sneaking into their house”? Allegedly that was him making good on his retaliation.

He also allegedly told Falynn that he “didn’t know what Porsha would do to her” if she didn’t keep quiet.

“[He said] ‘I better not say anything because he’s gonna release a video saying that I cheated on him with Jaylan’ and he said, ‘I don’t know what Porsha’s gonna do to her and I can’t do anything about it. Whatever Porsha wants to do is what Porsha wants to do.”


The socialite also said that her estranged husband seemed disappointed that he didn’t get as much attention as he expected after appearing on #RHOA.

“When all of the attention came onto me and not him, I feel honestly he hated it,” said Falynn.

Falynn also shared a story about Simon allegedly having Falynn cut out of a couple’s magazine spread because they “got into a fight” and he didn’t want to share the spotlight with her. Falynn said he used her own publicist to orchestrate the shady move.

“You and I got into it, we got into a fight one time and I told them to cut you from the magazine,” Simon allegedly said.

M E S S.

There’s lots to unpack in this interview and it clearly looks like Falynn is over all of this. She ended the interview saying she’d tell #RHOA producers to go “f*ck themselves” if they asked her to return to the Bravo show.

Hopefully getting all of this off her chest makes Falynn feel better and helps with her healing.

See her Tisa Tells interview in full below.



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