Lawrence & Condola Engage In Coparenting Combat, Shatter Twitter

#Insecure: Lawrence & Condola Engage In Coparenting Combat, Stir Up Triggered Takes & Deadbeat Debates

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We knew things would descend into chaos as soon as Condola aka Condolences aka Condensation aka Canola Oil aka Condolavirus made her long-awaited return to “Insecure” as the spiteful mother of Lawrence’s baby boy who she (questionably) named Elijah Mustafa.

Insecure Season 5 assets

Source: Merie W. Wallace/HBO

At the end of Season 4 we learned that she was pregnant with Lawrence’s baby just as he rekindled his relationship with Issa in a swoon-worthy episode that gave us the warmest fuzzies.

Fast-forward a year later to Condola being entangled in a toxic coparenting saga with Lawrence who’s trying to be a responsible father despite her not trusting him at all.

Insecure Season 5 assets

Source: Merie W. Wallace/HBO

In a classic example of her supervillainy, she alerts Lawrence that she’s having the baby (while having the baby), names the baby without him, turns her family against him before they even meet, and makes plans without telling him after saying he didn’t have to be in the child’s life.

Now, to be fair, Lawrence could’ve communicated better and tried to understand things from her perspective instead of reacting the way he did at Tiffany’s daughter’s party and Condola’s house.

At this point, we’re interested to see where things go after their spicy argument that showed just how incompatible they are as parents or anything else.

“We always said Condola is a pretty measured and composed character so how can we test that. As a writer you want to constantly make your characters uncomfortable and see how they respond”

How are you feeling about Lawrence & Condola’s coparenting struggles? Tell us down below and peep the hilarious Twitter hysteria over on the flip.

“Keke Palmer when Lawrence walked in the hospital room” – *HOWLS*

“Somebody relating to this baby daddy/ baby mama drama on this episode but NOT ME. Y’all be easy” – wowwww

“”hey your baby was just born” #InsecureHBO” – cold world

“#insecure everytime Lawerence tries to get his son Condola be like…” – *cackles*

“They said no parenting plan of any kind just texts and vibes” – whew!

“Whew I thought Issa was about to kill Lawrence off” – we saw his life flash before our eyes

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“With a name like Condola, Mustafa as the middle name is no shocker” – none at all

“That baby nosy. As soon as they started arguing he quieted down. #Insecurehbo” – no, but, seriously

“The baby during that kitchen argument” – haaaa

“#Insecure S5E3 without context” – accurate

“I know this gotta be how @IssaRae and nem watch the TL implode after each episode of #Insecure #InsecureHBO” – no doubt in our minds


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