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Porsha and Simon

Source: Marcus Ingram / Bravo

On the latest episode of #PorshasFamilyMatters, FISTS FLEW during a jaw-dropping altercation in “Messy-co.”


As previously reported the spinoff show follows former Real Housewife of Atlanta Porsha Williams as she blends her family with her new fiancé Simon Guobadia

Porsha's Family Matters

Source: Marcus Ingram / Bravo

and her ex-fiancé/ daughter’s father, Dennis McKinley

Porsha's Family Matters

Source: Marcus Ingram / Bravo

but that blending is going FAR from smoothly.

The show has included tense and messy moments including Porsha refusing to return her ex-fiancé’s personal property, allegations that Porsha cheated on Dennis, and BIG blowups.

The biggest blowup however happened Sunday when Porsha was seen throwing hands Dennis McKinley’s way while Simon tried to de-escalate the situation.

After members of Porsha’s entourage did a tequila tasting, the housewife asked them to recap what went down.

Porsha's Family Matters

Source: Porsha’s Family Matters / Bravo

Porsha’s former assistant Dom noted that Dennis was upset about an old incident. During a “truth or dare” style game, Dennis revealed that he still resented Dom for previously breaking the news that his mistress [the one that he cheated on Porsha with while she was pregnant] was working at one of his hookah bars. According to Dennis, he had no idea the woman was “one of his 600 employees” and it wasn’t Dom’s “business.”

Porsha's Family Matters

Source: Porsha’s Family Matters / Bravo

“You snitching, why you worried about my penis, bro?!” asked Dennis while his mother Mama Gina implored everyone to just “get over it.”

“How long are you gonna replay that story?!” added Mama Gina.

Porsha's Family Matters

Source: Porsha’s Family Matters / Bravo

And while the group discussed the old incident, tensions rose between Porsha’s cousin Storm who previously worked for Dennis and a fed-up Porsha demanded that “Dennis and his sluts and his mother” leave the dinner.

“Go! Get the f*** out!” said Porsha while Dennis and his mother walked towards a staircase to exit and while Simon calmly told Dennis that they would “deal with it another day.”

As Porsha and Dennis were leaving, however, things got physical and cameras captured Porsha throwing her fists Dennis’ way.

The explosive moment spurned social media reactions…


and Porsha’s cousin hopped into the mix with some explosive allegations against Dennis.

According to Storm, Dennis physically assaulted her during the altercation and she has the pictures to prove it.

M E S S Y, M E S S Y, M E S S Y!

Storm has also accused Dennis of sexual harassment.

Hit the flip for that.


According to Storm, while she was working at one of Dennis’ bars he harassed her even though she’s a lesbian and she was uninterested in his advances.

Storm accused Dennis of being a “pedophile” for allegedly targeting her when she was “18 or 19″…

and she hopped on Instagram Live to further detail her allegations. According to Storm, she has receipts, but she wants to “save them for a judge” in court.


So far neither Dennis nor Porsha have spoken on their Mexico altercation.


What do YOU think about what went down?


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