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The Georgia peaches are back!

RHOA lovers are buzzing over last night’s Season 14 premiere that put a fresh spin on the iconic franchise that continues to evolve without NeNe, Porsha, Phaedra, and Cynthia.

As previously reported, the long-awaited season includes a “new dynamic” with veterans Kandi Burruss, Kenya Moore, Shereé Whitfield, and Drew Sidora returning alongside newly peach’d Marlo Hampton and decorated Olympian-turned-reality star Sanya  Richards-Ross.

The Real Housewives Of Atlanta

Source: The Real Housewives Of Atlanta/Bravo

So far, things looks promising with Marlo already emerging as the fan favorite (and potential villain) who shakes things up.

“So she came in lighter, brighter, and I picked up the scepter for the villain? More like, I came in here as the hero and I’m keeping everyone’s peaches juicy and sweeter!” joked Marlo in an interview with Entertainment Tonight.

“I think Kenya’s a little delusional. Seriously, I’ve come to that conclusion. Because you will see yourself —  I’m not even going to the bad mouth her — as this season reveals, you’re going to see the true Kenya.”

Viewers can also expect Drew Sidora to, once again, address issues in her seemingly rocky marriage to husband Ralph.

In the latest messy chapter of ‘Stand up, Drew!,’ Ralph gets caught up in a mini-scandal with his new assistant.

“So at the time, my back…” started Ralph. “Drew even knew this. She ordered a massage therapist—if she [the assistant] wanted to shoot her shot…”

He was quickly cut off by the ladies who said that the assistant did just that.

Naturally, Ralph wouldn’t back down and stumbled (and bumbled) when Kandi asked him how he responded to the assistant’s massage offer.

“It was like a throwaway,” said Ralph. “I was like, ‘My back is really hurting’ and she was like, ‘You should’ve gotten that massage…’ I said, ‘Man, I’m a guy….'”

“Just tell the truth, said Drew interrupting her husband. “She said. ‘I told you I should’ve come and given you that massage,’ He said, ‘I’m a guy, LOL’ and she said, ‘Well now I know for next time.’

The ladies then rightfully agreed that the text had inappropriate sexual connotations.

“I’m a guy means if you come over here it ain’t gonna be JUST gonna be a massage,” said Kandi.

Interestingly enough, Drew recently told US Weekly about the assistant’s text and said it was cathartic to share the drama with the ladies.

“We were going through a situation with an assistant, and it was good for me to be able to share with my cast,” Drew told Us. “I feel like when you’re going through it by yourself, you’re like, ‘OK, is it just me? Am I crazy? Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe I’m tripping,’” the singer, who got married to Ralph in 2014, added. “It was an opportunity for Ralph to hear not just my voice, but to know that, maybe, this is something we need to dig into and figure out why this is happening.”

She also confessed that she and her hubby often go back and forth about divorce.

“It always feels like we’re almost about to get divorced,” she revealed to Us. “[But] we’re not gonna give up. We need to come back home, regroup and figure out what we’re gonna do moving forward. That’s the journey we’re on every day honestly.”

Also worth noting is the possibility of us FINALLY seeing the infamous She by Shereé collection in all its glory. Oh yes, the joggers are coming!

What was your fave moment of the premiere? Do you think Drew and Ralph will actually split? Tell us down below and enjoy the funniest (and messiest) tweets from the premiere on the flip.

“I’m dying at Marlo calling Drew’s hair a French roll!

I love the fact her hair was so bad Marlo had to get up and go look at it up close to make sure her eyes weren’t deceiving her #RHOA” – the french roll!

“Sheree: “Chile, what does Marlo have on?! She’s over there looking like the candy that my grandma used to give me to stay quiet at church.” #RHOA

It’s moments like these that make me so happy to have Sheree back!” – not the granny candy!

“Drew: I did the mommy makeover and lost 25 lbs in 3 weeks

Enter Bravo producers being shady as hell…🤣🤣🤣 #RHOA” – ahhhh

“Everytime they show Ralph on my screen, this is all that I see #RHOA” – haaaa

“Drew and Ralph… #RHOA” – accurate

“Sheree- heard many things about y’all
Ralph: I hope good things
Sheree: #RHOA” – this pic!

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“I already know Sheree and this Love After Lockup a** storyline is gonna get on my nerves #RHOA” – life after lockup!

“Kandi eating that “Drop It With Drew” meal #RHOA” – this clip!

“Not a ballroom with no ball 😭 #RHOA” – how dreadful

“I honestly might have to stan Drew just for coming on this show every week to embarrass herself, she’s dedicated to the cause #RHOA” – welppp

“How Marlo makes money is just as mysterious as Tommy from Martin, nobody know what they do but they always have money #RHOA” – TV’s unsolved mysteries


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