Horoscopes For The Week Of January 15

BOSSIP Weekly Horoscopes: Week Of January 15

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Bossip Horoscopes Source: iOne Digital / Tommy de Yampert


If you and your loved ones have been facing serious chaos such as huge income loss, homelessness or home insecurity, or a health crisis, Spirit wants you to know that some relief is in sight and eventually you’ll realize that all of this upheaval had to happen for much needed radical change. Hang tight, things are turning for the better. To help speed this up, under the new moon light a 7-Day Open Roads candle and write down some of the top desires you have this time and then recite Pslams 23 out loud while staring into the flame.

RED FLAG: Worrying with inaction is a waste of your precious life. Work on the things that you can actually shift and the rest leave up to the universe to sort out.

SWEET SPOT: Don’t be surprised if you meet someone who has an impact on you over these coming weeks. This person can be a mentor or a potential romantic partner. Either way, the dynamic you share is definitely coming in from a Past Life.

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