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On # RHOP Mia Thornton fueled rumors that she had a tequila-fueled flirt fest with Dr. Wendy Osefo after an alleged “box eating” offer. Not only that but she outright said there was some flashing, hand grazing, and kissing going down between them despite their previous fallout.

The Real Housewives Of Potomac: Mia Vs Wendy

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During Sunday’s episode of the Bravo show the ladies were seen returning home after a steamy night during their Mexico vacation.

Ashely Darby (of course) stirred the pot and told Gizelle Bryant that there was “high flirtation” between Mia and Wendy after a drunken outing between them.

Gizelle then told her Reasonably Shady cohost Robyn Dixon that “Mia likes Wendy’s vagina” and said there might have been “vagina bumping” before the two “left together.”

Later, when Gizelle went to Mia to clarify, the housewife didn’t say the “bumping” portion was true and instead shared her version of the events.

“She was showing it,” said Mia about Wendy flashing her.

“She showed you her vagina?!” asked Gizelle.

“She did…like…” said Mia while pantomiming like her legs were opening.

“Spread eagle?” asked Gizelle. “Did you ask to see it or she volunteered?”

“No, I looked though,” said Mia. “Mmm hmm, here you go, she added. “Oh yeah, it’s cute,” she said the professor replied.

Mia also said that her former splash clash partner has apparently been sexually attracted to her, not jealous like she previously thought.

“I thought to myself right, you haven’t been jealous of me—it’s just been sexual energy, you been wanting the cookie, girl!” said Mia. “I can’t be out here in Mexico giving it to you because Eddie [Wendy’s husband] has not consented and neither has G [her husband].”

She also told #RHOP production in confessional that Wendy touched her and called it “pretty.”


Later, while traveling to a strip club for Robyn Dixon’s bachelorette party Mia also alleged that she had a quadruple kiss with Wendy, Candiace, and Ashley in the ocean.

“Her, her, me, and Wendy kissed at the same time. We had a quadruple!” said Mia.

Back in November when rumors about the flirty/flashy moment were surfacing, Zen Wen shut them down saying;

“Y’all want this to be Girls Gone Wild so bad! I don’t know what’s worse—the people who make up these fake stories or the people who beieve it. #RHOP

She also tweeted last night;

Still, despite her denial, there was a moment when Wendy’s homegirl Candiace seemingly spilled the beans on what happened.

Hit the flip for that.

As previously reported,  Candiace and Wendy appeared on the Two Ts In A Pod podcast with Teddi Mellencamp and Tamra Judge at Bravocon and discussed the alleged hookup.

Real Housewife Of Potomac Candiace Bassett Album Listening Event

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Candiace and Wendy actually both confirmed that Wendy flashed the group, but when Candy mentioned the alleged kissing, the Professor couldn’t recall that.

“She flashed us in Mexico,” said Candiace about Wendy. “She showed us her pum pum.”

“They all loved it,” confirmed Wendy. “They said it was gorgeous!”

“That’s how Mexico went—drunk,” said Candiace. “I’mma let you tell it.

“It was something, it was a mess,” said Wendy.

“We don’t wanna give anything away but some thangs was thanging. Yo thangs,” added Candiace to Wendy. “You and your friend.”

“She was coming on to me,” confirmed Wendy.

“They said that other stuff was going on in the water,” said Candiace while Wendy denied it. “They said y’all was kissing and stuff in the water, that’s what they said. It’s in the interview, they haven’t asked you that?”

“I mean did she kiss me?” asked Wendy.” Maybe she kissed me. I didn’t know that, she didn’t though, I would’ve remembered. Mia wants me,” she later added. “Mia wants chocolate!”


What do YOU make of this Mia x Wendy flirtatious flashing story? A number of people aren’t buying it, but some think it’s plausible.

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